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Podcast Episode 189: Can You Be Your Filipina’s Hero? Here are 4 Possible Ways

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There are two ways to look at this question.  One is can you be a hero to your Filipina and the other is Can YOU be your Filipina’s hero. The line about heroics comes up now and then and I wanted to talk about that today with four possible ways.  Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea for all kinds of talk about foreigner and Filipina relationships, to help those men thinking about pursuing a Filipina.

Can you be a hero to your Filipina?-Do men want to be a hero to a Filipina? I should restrict my comments to those men who sincerely want a Filipina for the right reasons and want to marry them. In order to be hero, often in the movies it is a single act of heroism, that defines one as being a hero. It might have involved more than a little time, but the sentiment is someone is a hero now.

Here is how I define what this hero concept is all about.  I think it is about a man wanting to marry a Filipina and give her the type of life she isn’t likely to have if she does not marry a foreigner.

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Who is the prize, the foreigner or the Filipina?

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