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Podcast Episode 37: LIVE-Many Ways to keep your Filipina from Becoming "Americanized"

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You should start by marrying a Filipina who is less likely to become Americanized in the first place, but once she is here, it is up to you to make sure that you treat her a certain way, which will ensure she wants to stay the way she is. If you hear people tell you to never bring a Filipina to your own country, do not listen to them. Most if not all of them are not on good terms with a Filipina.

I will describe many ways to help your Filipina wife realize she has a husband who appreciates her for the qualities that attracted him to her. A Filipina definitely can be content to stay in America and retain the values she arrived with. In this podcast I want to share many ways I try to employ in my marriage to a Filipina for over five years.


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