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Podcast Episode 63: Negatives of living in the Philippines, what do you Expect?

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Is it always a wonderful experience living in the Philippines? Some people think so, some people think those people are not being realistic, and others can’t take it and leave. I think that expectations have a lot to do with it. Subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea and help men find love overseas and learn how to live with their wife. That’s really what this channel is about.

I have an interest in what it would be like to live in the Philippines because we have a retirement home there. I was in the Philippines in 2015 to marry my wife, we returned in 2016, went there in 2018 and again in late 2019. It’s not a ton of experience but it was over four different times of year and I think I have seen enough of these negatives to know if I could handle it or not. The comment made in the blog I referenced made me want to address this. In my videos and podcasts I try to not be a sunshine pumper, so I should take a similar approach to certain conditions in the Philippines.

It was brought to my attention that the vast majority of men who go to the Philippines in search of gold of some kind, don’t last too long. They might seek a relationship because they’ve seen other men do this on the internet, and for a lower cost of living and combine the two for a great life. What would make them give up? Something did. I will talk about some of the big ones in this podcast.


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