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Podcast Episode 67: Will I see my Filipina wife in heaven? (podcast)

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One day my wife asked me if I thought we would know each other in heaven.  That is a very good question and is on the minds of everyone who has lost or knows they will lose a spouse that they love deeply.

First of all, the thought of not being with my Amazing Aiza is a disturbing thought.  I love her very much and I will spend the rest of my life trying to demonstrate that to her.  In five and a half years of marriage we have had the usual flare ups or arguments, but nothing serious.  We make up rather quickly.  Recently after a particularly wonderful weekend with her, I started to miss her an hour after I got to work on Monday.

I have her photos in as many places as I can, because even though she is on my mind constantly, I never get tired of seeing her face, of seeing us together because of all the memories it produces.  By the time I pass away, I can just imagine how many more memories we will make.

She is my best friend.  I have told her it would be very difficult for me to marry again if she would die before I do.  If that were to happen, I can see myself trying to motivate myself to keep going in life, that despite the pain, I will see my wife again, and for an eternity!  The Bible teaches there is no marriage in heaven as that is an earthly institution, but what about seeing our loved ones in heaven, provided they are saved in Jesus Christ.  These words from a Grace To You archive I will link are how I would answer my wife’s question.

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