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Podcast Episode 71: The first argument-take a deep breath and relax Marriage with a Filipina

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Some of you have been married know what it is like to have those arguments that result in sleeping alone.  After about three months we had our “break in” argument.  The kind that makes me realize we really are married, and can’t just get away.  I would never want to hurt her but years ago we had the first time we had to deal with a big conflict with each other.

You can say “The  bloom is off the rose” and it is going to happen eventually.  At some point you are going to have a big-time disagreement with your Filipina fiancé or wife, and you may not even be totally sure what it is about.  In our case, if I raise my voice in frustration or utter a few bad words, even if they are on the mild side, she will be very upset with me.  After we were married, I told my wife she could talk to me about things I did that upset her because I needed to know so that I could work on those things.

By this time in our relationship, I knew I screwed up, and learned how it affected her.  This was my first jam to work out of, by asking her to forgive me, but also by resolving to become the man she wants me to be, and that God wants me to be.  I believe God gave her to me partly to help me to become more Christ-like, and vice versa.

Listen to hear how I dealt with the inevitable first disagreement about something.  I want you to be prepared; to not overreact when it happens.


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