11 Ways My Filipina Wife is My Best Friend Part 1

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There are blank looks and rolling eyes when you tell some people you are interested in a Filipina and are hitting it off, just imagine how they would react when you tell them your Filipina is your best friend!

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I know what they’re thinking-“You’re out of your mind! You might be smitten by her but come on, you hardly know her.” Allow me to delve into this. How could my Filipina wife be my best friend? An overlooked way is she is near, she is available.

Availability-For one thing, it is not easy to find quality, sustainable friends these days. When I was single, it seemed like as soon as a friend of mine met a girl, he was pretty much useless as a friend. It was like having a girlfriend magically made the friend disappear. Availability isn’t the sexiest quality, and these are in random order, but this seems like a good place to start. It seems too often that good friends become acquaintances over the years, leaving a man to have to backfill a friendship.

Many of the men seeking Filipinas feel unable to attract a woman from their country, and fortunately realize the great value of companionship. It is worth not giving up on. In my case, it took 30 years of, yes, that’s right, 30 years of searching before I met her on the dating site Christian Filipina. A man has to put in some work to study profiles and communicate with Filipinas and visit them, but what a relief it is when she is at his side. The man looking for a Filipina for the right reasons, is looking for someone who will be with him for the rest of his life.

My wife’s work schedule has changed, causing us to have to adjust but she is always my wife, and she will always be home with me. The days of praying, looking, getting rejected and wondering if I will always be alone are over! Being available each day helps her to be my best friend. That leads to the next way my Filipina wife is my best friend.

Companionship-I was 53 when I found my wife and felt like I had been alone for a hundred years, but not these days. Imagine going from agonizing over being alone to actually experiencing moments were we just lie around, she’s on Facebook and I am googling some things, simply relaxing. Being able to slip in some small talk or large talk along the way. Doing routine things together such as cleaning up after dinner, washing dishes, washing the clothes, running errands, but we are doing it for each other or with each other. And Netflix? One of my favorite activities with my companion.

I realize there is or was the MGTOW movement (men going their own way), that attempted to glorify the single lifestyle, which you won’t find me doing on Love Beyond The Sea. Being single, without romantic companionship, I think requires a spiritual gift to live out. I can tolerate doing some things without my Filipina wife, but I most certainly don’t want to be without her.

She was in the Philippines to furnish the house we built there, and for two weeks I had to languish without her. I have strong feelings for her. That was the first time in three years of being together in the United States that we had been apart. My best friend is the one I can count on being with me even in the dark days, and that’s the next way.

Loyalty-I believe my wife is a loyal companion, not just someone who is there. We try to be good team mates and that sometimes can be difficult with any couple, not to mention from different parts of the world. She won’t be like my buddies who scattered as soon as they “found someone.” We have seen each other at our worst, it’s only a matter of time before that kind of thing happens, but we are committed to making it work.

That’s one reason I value marriage, because you must try to work for solutions. Outside of marriage, you can always look for a better deal on the other side where the grass is always greener, anyone can leave at any time.

I grow closer to her during the dating process, pursued her, got married, she arrived in America. It took a lot of work. There is a lot of incentive to make a relationship like this work. Loyalty also extends all the way to the end of my life. I kind of expect to need her even more when those days come.

I need her-Many, many times I have told my Amazing Aiza that I need her and it is a statement I will make until the day I die. I mean, when you attach yourself to someone in marriage for even just several years, you grow fond of them. I have developed very strong feelings for this little woman from Davao City, Philippines. Anything she does that benefits me I appreciate. I need her help around the house, I need her help paying some bills, I need her help when I’m sick.

I hope you will feel that way about someone one day, if you don’t already. Sure, it comes back to hurt you now and then, because the person that you are the closest to tends to cause the most pain due to the fact they are living under the same roof and have certain expectations of each other in marriage. A person can live alone and get by, but most of us have a need for a loyal companion. One can avoid the problems inherent and inevitable in marriage, but they also won’t reap the rewards of it. Here is another way I need my wife, that contributes to her being my best friend.

Her touch-This is a biggie for me. I lived without this for so long, I simply can’t conceive of not having it. I told her this was important to me before we married. It is natural to want to touch the person you love, the person you are grateful for, the person who puts the life into living after all those years, the spice of my life. Whether it is simply holding hands in the middle of the night, sitting close on the sofa watching television, or making love, this is something I need. It’s a great thing to count on this from my best friend, my Filipina wife.

I have some more ways my Filipina wife is my best friend that I will reveal in part 2, right here on Love Beyond The Sea.

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