Music for your Filipina's Heart

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Somewhere along the line while I was communicating with my fiancé while she was in the Philippines, we talked about the music we liked. I sent her some videos of artists I liked, some from long ago in the 70s, some more modern, songs from different genres. She had told me about Sarah Geronimo who is a Filipina, and David Pomerantz, who has performed in the Philippines several times, maybe more.

My favorite song that she picked for our wedding (she selected about a dozen songs) was his song called “Born for You”. That song perfectly described how I felt about her. Recently she bought a smart watch for herself, then gave it to me since her wrist was so small. She loaded that song on it so just knowing that makes it my favorite watch.

Whether you marry a younger Filipina or not, she will probably like music. Karaoke was invented in the Philippines and many Filipinos can be heard singing as you travel around, even early in the morning. They are familiar with American songs, so mixing them into your communication with a Filipina of interest seems to make sense. At our Honeymoon dinner, songs from the 70s were playing. I can’t forget Billy Joel’s “Just the way you are” being sung by a woman in a recording while we dined.

While printing documents for our visa, the business was playing a song by Lobo. Now I wasn’t expecting that! We met with someone she knew who liked country music, which shocked me. Most of the songs I heard seemed like they were from the 70s, when music was music IMHO. She would sing some Bee Gees lyrics from time to time. Talking about various songs you like can open the door to additional conversation. I would send my then fiancé songs from YouTube to her in Viber or Facebook (where everyone will know how I feel about her). I started listening to the radio for songs that expressed the feelings that I had for her, jotted them down, and would send them to her. Country music has been a good place for me to find love songs. John Michael Montgomery is a good one for that, and there are a lot of others. His song “I love the way you love me” is a favorite of ours. Now and then she will sing them to herself. “Devoted to you” is another song from David Pomerantz I have sent her.

To me, it feels like I am sharing something of me that words can’t express when I send her a song I have liked for a long time. I also want those sentiments to stick around for awhile so I post songs for her on my Twitter Account where we both can scroll down and read the short love comments I included with the songs. About two weeks before she departed the Philippines for America I sent her a daily song that corresponded to the number of days left such as “Love potion number 9”, “Ain’t no woman like the one I’ve got” by the 4 tops, “When can I see you again?” by 3 Degrees, and culminating with America’s “Today’s the day”.

Now that she is here with me, she is getting more familiar with them as I play them a lot, however, I also go to Youtube and play Tagalog love songs for her. They are easy to find and play for a couple of hours non stop sometimes. To be honest with you, even though I rarely hear a word I understand, some of the songs are growing on me! She spontaneously sings America’s “Daisy Jane”, “You can do magic”, and others when she is inclined. I love it, sometimes I join in.

On Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out loud”, when he sings I’ll be loving you until we’re 70”, my wife changes it to “I’ll be loving you until we’re 90”. My love has a sense of humor! When I told her we were going to Village Inn to eat dinner, she thought I said “Billy Jean”. Now whenever we pass a Village Inn she sings “Billy Jean, rock my world…” I fall in love with her more every day.

My wife enjoys listening to Christian music, so we can listen to that in the car. Recently we saw Casting Crowns, her favorite Christian band, which was a great date for us. Just this morning she was playing me some music videos of a popular Filipina.

Send the special someone you communicate with a music video and see where it goes. Ask her about who she likes and ask her to show you a video. Especially if you are communicating with a younger Filipina, using music in your communication can perhaps “lessen the age gap to some extent.”

Music is a universal language. Maybe you can find a creative way to incorporate music into your romance with the Filipina you get close to. This is the one thing that we did have in common right from the start! I hope you will soon be able to pick out some good wedding songs with your Filipina!

You can Google love songs, make up songs, anniversary songs from many genres. Have to be careful as songs like “Me and Mrs. Jones” are not love songs, yikes! It is wise to use music to court your Love Beyond The Sea!

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