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Do I Love My Filipina or Her Body?

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A popular topic that has been around a long time with foreign men and Filipinas, is “does she love you or the money?”. I have probably made a video on that myself. That is a fair question but since I am more concerned about what the foreigner thinks, I wanted to turn it around and ask the question “do I love her or her body?”, and I will answer that personally.

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The problem with questions like “does she love you or your money?”, or “does he love her or her body”, is that it assumes one or the other has to be true. I have always told men that needing financial security is always going to be front and center in the mind of the Filipina overseas, but that does not mean it is the only reason she chooses a particular man.

In the same way, of course, a foreigner is going to marry a Filipina for her body, and naturally, he knows he needs more than that in order to have a good marriage. In both, character will determine if they have made a good choice.

I was attracted to my wife when I discovered her profile on March 17 of 2015, in fact, she had signed up on Christian Filipina so recently that the profile itself had not been approved yet. All I saw one morning before going upstairs after a work break, was a photo of her. I liked her photo, and was so distracted I thought her name was Asia, not Aiza. Her photo caught my attention.

I sent her a wink, and thankfully, she winked back. I sent her a brief message that I had to go but could call at lunch. She said that would be about 1 am there and she wasn’t feeling well but she was willing to wait for my call. Wow. We set up a chat for another day. Before even seeing her profile, at least that’s how I remember it, I knew right away that she was more than a pretty Filipina, this woman displayed some character!

When I was able to see her profile, she seemed like someone I should get to know more and in short order, we were engaged and married (54 days), but there was no way I would go across the world to marry a woman I had committed to before meeting in person, if I was basing our relationship on looks or her petite body.

If a Filipina loves only his money, she will ask for money early in the relationship, and continue to. She won’t likely ask questions to learn about what makes him tick; why he likes what he does, why he works where he does, what are his future plans, etc.

I loved my Filipina’s body, and not her, I would be asking to see her body on camera, nude photos maybe, I’d want to see her wear certain things on the webcam, I’d probably mention her physical features to butter her up. If I wanted to love more than that, I would want to know what kind of morals she has, what kind of faith she has, what she thinks of marriage, what she wanted to do with her college degree, if she is a complainer, and is she generally cheerful, and so on.

The attraction was more than physical when I met my love beyond the sea!

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