Filipina Housekeeping

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I want to mention this because having a neat and orderly living environment is important to me.

My wife revealed to me while dating that she liked her things in order. She had her own room and took pride in the way it looked. This should translate to being in charge of her whole house-yours. I gave my wife full control over our apartment and now the house we bought. She decorates it as she thinks best.

She is neat and clean. I love it! She personally rearranged our basement storage room, our kitchen pantry, picked the paint colors for our basement and arranged all the furniture. She fixes things too if she can. Since I am not mechanical, she is a great help to me this way.

I grew up in a home where my mother and grandmother took good care of it. Since my mother now lives with us, there have not been any problems with housekeeping since my wife is the same way.

“I hope you also can find a good housekeeper in your Love Beyond The Sea.

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