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Filipinas and Public Display Of Affection PDA

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You either like PDA or you don’t, I happen to like it. Many Filipinas consider it indecent and inappropriate. This bothers me but it is simply a cultural thing, and probably the biggest cultural difference that has affected me. My wife works at the same company I do and we can run into each other but she has a rule.

She can show me PDA, but I am not allowed to show her PDA. This also applies to church. It didn’t happen right away, but there are times she will take my hand, in another city, put her arm around me at church or touch me in a small way at work.

At church we tend to sit in the back. After learning about PDA from my wife’s perspective, I deferred to her feelings. If I do get some PDA it is usually a pleasant surprise. At home, it’s another story but that’s Private Display of Affection!

She likely won’t ever express much PDA, but I’ll take what I can get from my Love Beyond The Sea.

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