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Another Celebrity Breakup How Filipinas are Different

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Dated on and off for nearly ten years-They must not have known each other very well in that time. My wife and I got married in less than eight weeks of even knowing the other existed, and were thousands of miles apart when we got engaged. Amount of time knowing someone means nothing.

What you know about them means something, but what you need to know about them is everything. What do you need to know about a Filipina before you marry her? You will need to know what drives and motivates her, where she gets her direction in life, is that compatible with marriage, with commitment? You want to know if her character and morals equate to being a good mate. You will want to know what her definition of commitment is, what her definition of love is. “Unconventional views of marriage”-I didn’t research what her unconventional views of marriage were, but that is a red flag right there, at least to me it is. I subscribe to a biblical view of marriage which is one man and one woman for life, having children if at all possible.

There are variant types of marriage today that don’t resemble the biblical definition at all. I don’t know what Liam Hemsworth’s idea of marriage was but it sounds like it may have been different from Miley’s. If you are looking for a Filipina with a conventional view of marriage, that shouldn’t be difficult. I think that is why men from all over the world look to the Philippines for a potential wife. “Ever evolving” When I married Aiza I asked her if she believed as I did about marriage, I am not going to worry about her suddenly shocking me by telling me she has done a 180 in her beliefs. If you have some “deal breakers”, I think they should be about her core beliefs about right and wrong. “Changing as partners and individuals”-This is linked to the previous statement. Any significant change in the individual’s philosophy is probably going to affect their partner.

That’s why it is so important to find someone who is solid in their beliefs, who isn’t given to winds of change. That’s how I see many Filipinas. Filipinas describe themselves as being “simple women”. By that I think they mean they are relatively content with what they have, they don’t need expensive clothes, they aren’t high-maintenance, they desire a husband and a child and consider that to be a great life. “This is what is best while they both focus on themselves and careers”-I am sorry this couple broke up, a divorce always leaves scars, and I don’t know how they could focus on much of anything after going through a divorce.

I am not judging the celebrity couple; I am pointing out red flags that someone can learn from and that are almost sure to end in ruin. “I definitely don’t fit into a stereotypical wife role. I don’t even like that word.”-If you are a man seeking a woman who is pretty, who is beautiful, and who wants to fit into a stereotypical wife role, there are many waiting for someone to sweep them off their feet in the Philippines. My wife always maintained she wanted to work here in America when we married. She works by choice 50-60 hours a week according to her needs and her family’s. I certainly assist her family and am generous with my wife, nonetheless she wants to pull her own weight. That doesn’t interfere with her being an amazing home maker, cook, lover and wife. This sounds like the best in life to me. “I love Liam and always will”-This is a very perplexing statement on the surface, but I think it shows that her definition of love is just her definition of love. Frankly, I am confused when so many people claim to love someone, then get a divorce. Who wants someone who loves them to divorce them?

As I have stated on my channel, and love is the first word of it, love involves sacrifice for the good of another. It is long-suffering, kind, it doesn’t envy or boast, isn’t selfish, isn’t easily provoked, it bears, believes, hopes, endures, it doesn’t quit. This standard is from the Bible and isn’t meant to be painless, and it isn’t meant to be natural or easy to carry out. It isn’t meant to make us feel guilty. It is the standard of what love is and what we should strive to attain to.

It is exactly God’s love for us, which is why it is so wonderful.

I often come back to that truth to help me stay committed to my Love Beyond the Sea.

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