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I Love My Girlfriend But She Doesn’t Love Me What Should I Do?

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I love my girlfriend but she doesn’t love me, what should I do? Dr. PHILippines hears this quite a bit and it can be related to a Filipina being in love or having strong feelings for a westerner, yet he doesn’t seem all that interested in her. Sometimes a westerner will fall head over heels with a lovely Filipina but can’t seem to pique her interest. In these cases what should the man or woman do?

I welcome your comments as I share some quick thoughts on this, and maybe you are experiencing this right now or know someone who is? Please stop in to the Community Corner Message Forums and talk with like-minded men who are seeking a wife from overseas. We have a Relationship Lounge and a Lifestyle Lounge that is open 24/7 and costs nothing.

Dr. PHILippines found a wife at long last and would like to help other men do the same, to find Love Beyond The Sea.

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