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Podcast Episode 101: Value the Filipina Quality of Unselfishness

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When I began to consider marrying a Filipina, I only knew that I had heard they made good wives. I really didn’t have anything to go on as to why they made good wives. I knew I had long been attracted to their physical make up since I am attracted to their size and skin tone.

You can’t base a marriage on that alone and since I have been married to a Filipina for almost five years, I have had a chance to learn up close and personal of the qualities that make a Filipina, the right one, a great wife.  Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea and Love Beyond The Sea which is my YouTube channel, that strives to help encourage and equip foreign men in pursuit of a Filipina to marry.  Some qualities they are known for are being respectful, cheerful, shy, hard-working, generous, resourceful and they love their families.  I would like to focus a little on the quality of being unselfish.

You may have heard how Filipinas support their families, unfortunately sometimes to their own hurt.  We can debate whether or not it is from feeling compelled to do so, genuine love or a combination of both, but helping as they frequently do, does require a certain amount of unselfishness. I would appreciate comments from viewers about the ways they have observed the Filipina in their life be unselfish, to them, their families, to anyone. Here are some ways I have observed it myself.

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