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Podcast Episode 102:  Is there Anything Good about Getting Older?

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This is a podcast that many of you should be able to relate to; if you are already older you can relate to this right now and if not, you will be able to relate to this later. That’s getting older; growing old. What’s good about that? I am facing that and I want to be optimistic about the future I have left.

Since Casting Beyond The Sea and Love Beyond The Sea are channels designed to Make Marriage Great Again and is for Higher Fil-West Education, you can bet that there is a component of marriage in here today, but a lot of it won’t be about the great blessing of matrimony. Sometimes I feel like on Casting Beyond The Sea that I go where no man dares to go; today will be in that vein as the topic is aging or getting old.

I am quite sure I will not cover everything here so please leave comments. I am 59. They say youth is wasted on the young and it’s true that young people often don’t appreciate their youth and take for granted the energy, vitality and future they have. However, we aren’t going to enjoy that all the days of our lives if we live a long life, like many of us want to. Medicine is helping to keep people alive longer these days but are they living better?

I recognize that YouTube is often about having frivolous videos meant to entertain, and that’s fine but many videos are just plain vapid. You don’t learn anything, but on Love Beyond The Sea, I’d like to think I am saying things that people can learn something from. I tend to be serious and that is needed too.

Now, let’s talk about what is happening to all of us-we are getting older.

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