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Podcast Episode 124: What or Who Determines if Someone is Married?

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Since I talk about making marriage great again and that this is a channel rated 4M for Mature Marriage-Minded Men only, I thought I should go over the fundamentals of who exactly is married and talk about why you should get married as most people need to. Subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea where I detail what I’ve learned in six years of marriage to an amazing woman I married in less than eight weeks. Is our marriage valid since we got married so quickly? Some people are aghast at Fil-West marriages, like we are doing something wrong. Since it may be out of the norm, does than invalidate it?

There are people who talk like they are married even though they certainly are not married. They have been dating someone for a while and since they feel safe, they might even call each other a spouse or a husband or a wife, but this is a mistake. In a previous podcast called What Makes Someone Married? Why Get Married? I used an article from to talk about what officially is needed for someone to be considered married.

Today will be about what or who determines if someone is married. I happen to think people who are living together without marriage are not married due to the reality they can pack up and leave for someone better at any time and owe the other absolutely nothing. That doesn’t sound like marriage to me. As you will see, there are also instances where someone might consider themselves married and might even be legally married, yet not in reality. It never used to be this complicated, and in this upload, I want to try to make it clearer.

Listen to the podcast and learn some fundamentals about marriage.

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