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Podcast Episode 143: Gambling with the Future Philippines and China

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I am not at all a fan of gambling and am very disappointed to see the words gambling and Philippines together. What a shame. There are people in the Philippines who are addicted to gambling. I wouldn’t have thought so, but where there is poverty, there is a desire for a quick fix, which usually solves absolutely nothing as people just blow money they earn and are worse off than at the start. I will link an article for you about gambling in the Philippines and will read some of it. It came from the LA Times and is from 2019. It is called China has a new casino: the Philippines.

One of the things I have stressed hard with my wife is that I do not want her involved with gambling of any kind. I don’t care if it is those stupid scratcher tickets or whatever it is, I just don’t want to see it. If you have seen my videos, you are aware that I do not believe in controlling your wife. As the head of this household, there will be no involvement with gambling of any kind! When I say I do not approve of any of the many ways to gamble, I am putting my foot down on something that I believe is of no value and can be ruinous to a person. I want to hear your comments about this. I don’t intend to impede doing something that is for her good, but I don’t see gambling as being for her good, hence, I don’t want it here.

Instead of just denigrating gambling, what I do is emphasize the real ways to earn income, to make wealth. I didn’t gamble to earn my retirement and I don’t want my wife involved with it at all. I have always opposed gambling when it came time to vote. What I want her to know about earning wealth is that it comes from these five ways-







Here are some things from the article pertaining to gambling and the Philippines:

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