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Podcast Episode 147: You Have Mail! Send a Love Letter to your Filipina

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This is a short podcast with a helpful idea you can use to show some love to your Filipina. Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea for help and perspective for pursuing and marrying a Filipina, and get notifications for upcoming videos. Today I will explain an out of the box way to do something romantic for your Filipina. Remember that the pursuing doesn’t stop with marriage.

What I have in mind is to write her a hand-written letter, a love letter, and mail it to her, even if you are married and living under the same roof! She won’t expect it and will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Hopefully you are sending her regular if not daily text messages letting her know how much you value her, how much she means to you or just to say hi.

I need to hear ideas like this because I am not a romantic person by any means, I think some men consider themselves romantic, and they are better at thinking of ways to do that, but it certainly doesn’t come naturally to me.

I used to hear women wanted a romantic guy and I couldn’t figure out just exactly what I was supposed to be doing. How was I supposed to be romantic when I didn’t even have a girlfriend? Was I romantic? How would I know? Since I married my Filipina wife in 2015 I can finally be romantic!  Being romantic can also include the day-to-day gestures like displays of affection and kind words.

Putting these words down on paper allows you to take your time and think about what to say. You don’t have to write a novel either. Some ideas on how to do this are to write about-

Events you have shared together such as special vacations, special events, your honeymoon, your wedding, etc.  “Honey, I was just thinking today about the time we…”

The time you met each other-The time she did something for you that you haven’t forgotten about-Regular things she does for you, little things-Future plans together-What you are thankful for-Your commitment to her-Romantic dates you’ve had-tell her why you love her-How she makes your life better. Is there a woman in the world who wouldn’t appreciate that? No.

I will post a link in the description box about “Things to consider before writing a love letter”. Jordan Gray gets the credit for the article in that link. I would encourage you to read it, and to give writing a love letter a try.  I believe you will be glad you did and it will be appreciated by the Filipina you are dating or are married to.

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