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Podcast Episode 190: Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Picky Choosing a Filipina to Marry

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Men from all over the world have sought to marry a Filipina due to her beauty and more traditional values, myself being one of them. At some point, we have to pull the trigger and decide on the lucky one, but that can be agonizing. Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea, where I’d like to help men who are where I used to be, by sharing what I have learned about seeking, finding, and living with a Filipina wife. I have four ways of pickiness today to share with you, and more in a subsequent podcast because there are a lot of ways to be too picky.

International dating presents a problem, albeit a good one, that is lacking with US sites for example, and that is that the women in the Philippines actually want to get married! Whereas it is difficult to get any attention on the US sites, internationally you actually will have options and have to make a choice. That’s good right? Yes, but the problem is how to decide on the finalists, and how to pick the winner. I will link a playlist on internet dating for you to learn about this process with a Filipina, so that in today’s podcast I can focus on being too picky.

I have gone to the store and stood there looking at all the different types of toothpaste, thinking why can’t I make up my mind, they’re all good, just pick one. It is much more challenging when confronted with the task of narrowing down a list of quality Filipinas. A guy should be selective, just not too picky, because that will hinder his progress and use up time that could be spent petitioning this woman from the Philippines to be his wife.

Assuming a person’s “must haves” have been met, here are some thoughts on why a man might be too picky and what he can do about it.

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