10 Things Men Find Unattractive About Women That Filipinas Don't Do

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I came across an article I will share with you in the description box, called 10 things men find unattractive about women. It made me think, what do men usually say about Filipinas, women from the Philippines? If you are looking for a beautiful Filipina, Please subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea where I give insights I have learned, since being married to my Filipina wife since May of 2015. Comments would be great, and please get notifications for upcoming videos by clicking the bell plus clicking ADD. I will list the unattractive features mentioned in the article, and supply my observations regarding Filipinas.

A disclaimer for this-You must find a Filipina with character in order to have a successful marriage. I have mentioned this before in other videos. Many of us are smitten by the lovely charm of a Filipina. See if you agree with the points in the linked article.

Intricate hairstyle (gels, sprays, prefer natural looking)-I can see why this would be true for many men. Filipinas are known for long, beautiful, silky black hair. Sometimes it is curly but long and appealing. A while ago, my wife cut her hair shorter, but it still looked cute on her. Natural looking, like she didn’t have to go to a lot of trouble to get it to look that way.

Something that isn’t on this list is women, younger women, that have pink hair, blue hair, a different, unnatural color. That has always appealed to me for some reason, probably because it so blatantly bizarre, and not something that is done all the time. I’m sure I’m in the minority on that. Oh, what is up with women, and even men, dying their hair gray? That fad might be over now but until recently, it was a thing. Young people were doing that.

Heavy foundation-My wife rarely covers her face up with foundation, she has light brown skin so to me it always looks slightly tanned. A face without a lot of foundation looks natural and more inviting to kiss. Heavy foundation is not needed for a Filipina.

Glitter and shimmer on your eyelids-To each his own, when I was younger, I don’t know if women did this, but to me it just calls attention to herself in an unnatural way. The things listed so far are not bad things, but are not needed to appeal to a man. A Filipina’s tan, lovely face won’t need any kind of adornment.

Gummed up lashes-Does that look feminine? A woman must do this to appeal to someone, maybe it is other women? A Filipina won’t need to do this.

Badly shaved body-I would agree with this. Anything that would assist a woman to have any masculine resembling traits, would tend to be unappealing to a man. Might as well include muscles here too. Badly shaved would give the impression of being careless about appearance.

Dry skin-Here is an area most guys would probably want to see some attention given to. Here is the Midwest, there are times of year the cold is hard on the skin, so using hand lotion gives a woman more feminine skin. One of the first impressions I had of my wife was how very smooth her skin was, soft and like velvet.

Bad breath and Yellowish teeth-What? This is not a turn on? Now that I see this, it reminds me of all the times I have said to myself, that I have seen so many pictures of Filipinas who had healthy looking white teeth.

Wrong lip liner-I don’t know if my wife uses lip liner but I haven’t noticed anything unusual about her lips, and if they didn’t look natural, I’d prefer she didn’t use it. Speaking of lips (no pun intended), have you ever noticed how luscious and feminine and sweet a Filipina’s lips are? Gorgeous and kissable. Having on too much lipstick or unusual colored lipstick didn’t make the list. Is that something that would bother you?

Too much fragrance-Personally, I have always favored men’s cologne like Brute or Old Spice for example, and a woman can be very appealing with a nice, soft fragrance coming from her. Having so much on that your smell enters the room before you do, well, that’s over doing it. I’ve probably done it myself but this video is about things men find unattractive about women (with my addition of excluding Filipinas).

I know my wife has a variety of fragrances and I can’t recall I time she over did it. A Filipina will find her way to Victoria’s Secret, I assure you that. A Filipina doesn’t need too much of anything to enhance her appearance, what with her natural beauty. The final item on the list from this article I will link in the description box is Public grooming.

Public grooming-I can’t find anything too awful about this one, maybe I don’t notice it happening.

It may be that not doing these things gives off a more youthful vibe. A Filipina looks beautiful enough, that she doesn’t need to spend much time “doing herself up”. Since I was young, I have always thought Filipinas were beautiful, and being small added to their feminine mystique.

Having a beautiful wife is possible, if you look for love beyond the sea.

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