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Podcast Episode 61: LIVE-Submission to her Husband-a Filipina’s Challenge

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After listening to this, you should know what you need to know about this divisive and misunderstood concept. I want to bring to light topics that can help a man want to pursue a Filipina for marriage, and basically how to be the kind of husband she needs

I will endeavour to present what biblical submission means and doesn’t mean, where the concept came from, the best way to have a submissive wife, and very importantly, how a lack of submission affects a marriage, and what to do when the submission isn’t happening. I will take this seriously, and I recommend listening to all of this so there is no misunderstanding because I realise this is an unnecessarily hot topic.

Submission is nothing new. We must submit to the police, to government, children must submit to their parents, workers must submit to their employers. The Bible says the head of every man is Christ and the head of the woman is the man, and the head of Christ is God.

Even Christ submitted to his Father, remember how he asked if there was a way for the cup of judgement to pass from him, if there was some other way?  Then he said, “not my will, but yours”, then continued on to bear the entire weight of all the sin in the history of mankind, in his perfect and sinless being.

Being obligated to submit doesn’t mean one is inferior to the other, just that there must be a way to have an ordered society, workplace, marriage, anything.

Before we launch into this topic of a wife’s submission to her husband, I will note that although she is to be obedient or submissive to her husband “in everything”, that is not the case if her husband asks her to sin, to do something she knows is wrong. The head of the woman is the man, but the head of the man is God, and if the wife is told to do something sinful by her husband, she is to disobey him, because he is not submitting to his authority. He is to ask her to do things that are in line with God’s will for them, not opposed to it.

You’re going to read a lot here that might bother you, or it might be music to your ears, but it will be the truth, and personally, I don’t see why, if understood properly, this idea of submission and even sacrifice of the husband is all that difficult to accept.



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