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Podcast Episode 85: LIVE-The Value of your Filipina going home to the Philippines January 26 2021

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Let me share what that value is for her to go back home again-Here are some. Listen to the podcast for all of the benefits, that I could think of.

She is revived- My wife has been working full-time and overtime and cooks and cleans our home.  If she isn’t working overtime, she has time to rest and recuperate but she tries to work overtime when it is offered. She is energetic but needs her rest too.  Being able to go back to the Philippines for two or three weeks is invigorating for my wife even though she keeps very busy when there.  She has a lot of family and friends to see and I want her to see as many people as she can.  I don’t think she always gets quite the amount of sleep she would normally get, but she wants to make the most of her time there.  A vacation like this uses up most of my wife’s vacation allowance.

It helps her mentally and emotionally-This is similar to the previous reason, which I intended to be more physical in nature.  Here, we are talking about the good it does her emotional state, her frame of mind, to be back in the Philippines.  She realizes the time will go fast, and she will eventually be back to the usual American lifestyle of work, work, work.

My Filipina wife has made a few more Filipina friends than I thought she might make, as I didn’t think there were all than many here in Nebraska, let alone our city.  In this way, she retains a bit of “home cooking” if you will.  They go to the mall, cook Filipina dishes, even karaoke.  I am very satisfied to see that, but I know that when we get off that plane in Davao, she is eagerly anticipating being picked up by her family for the taxi ride home.  Her family is always there to see us off to America.

She will be able to snap a lot of photographs and take videos of family and friends that will be fun for her to have.  Like they say, “there’s no place like home”.

She is happy-The sum result is that I have a happy wife.  She is able to soak up being back home.  We say we go on vacations to get away and she will have felt like she got away to her favorite place, her home in the Philippines.  When she comes back to America she will jump back into things with newfound enthusiasm, and know that eventually she will be able to do it again, which makes the daily grind of going to work easier to do.

She can see her new nieces and nephews-My wife’s family is enlarging with nieces and a nephew and although we see them on Facebook, it isn’t the same as being there to play with them and hug them and kiss them.

So her family can see her-You can bet if your Filipina wife is looking forward to seeing her family, then her family is looking forward to seeing her. I don’t know exactly the overall benefit of this but I am sure each family member benefits from seeing her there in their own way. Her family cried when we left there recently, there seemed to be more tears than usual.  When I married my wife, someone they looked up to and relied upon, left to go to the other side of the world, they couldn’t know when they would see her next.  I am not suggesting to feel guilty about marrying a Filipina and immigrating her to your country, only to think about the ramifications of it.

She looks forward to it-All the while my wife is working and surviving the winters here, she is probably uplifted to know that maybe in two years, maybe less, we can hop on a plane and make that excursion to the Philippines.  This is probably a source of inspiration to her at some point during the year. I have to admit that I look forward to going with her as well, and much of that is so that she can enjoy the things I am listing here.  I know that it will help both of us as well as our marriage.

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