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Podcast Invitation Sexual Detox Book Review

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I recently began making podcasts that can be listened to on the website and today I am inviting every man in the world to listen to the next six podcasts over there; the first of six Casting Beyond the Sea Podcasts is up already, and I plan on having two a week for the next three weeks.

I sincerely hope by now you know that I want to encourage men to get married, something that should be common sense but the world is getting darker and many men are damaging their chances at real intimacy by dealing with fake pleasure. A significant evil intended to destroy you and your current or future marriage is the main focus of a fine book written by Tim Challies called Sexual Detox-A Guide For Guys Who Are Sick of Porn.

I am eager to share many of his thoughts from the book on my podcasts and interject my own thoughts but not here on YouTube. Tim covers some pretty powerful topics in this book (I will put a link to it in the description box) and I highly endorse it. I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem and agree with him that the topic of his book that I will review in the podcasts stands in the way of a man experiencing the goodness of marital intimacy and the benefits of that to the whole relationship.

I think this will be a fascinating series (no pun intended). Join me right now, at for the first podcast, just click on the podcast link. Throughout the series we’ll talk about preparing for detox, the monster in disguise, we’ll talk about why marriage is not a solution to pornography, we’ll talk about if masturbation is right or wrong, how to handle the guilt, is there a deeper meaning to sex and what are you allowed to do.

I can’t have mature, frank talk about these things on a YouTube channel like this but I set my own rules on the website and I absolutely must address the topic in Tim’s book Sexual Detox because unless some kind of a detox is initiated or completed, it is going to affect the marriage that you have or desire to have. I can’t recommend marriage without taking the time to deal with this subject because it affects so many men and then in turn, their wives and as a result their relationship and their future.

I want youth to listen to these podcasts too, I want parents to listen, any man who has a sex drive would be a good place to start, anyone who wants to get married and experience the best in life, but there is an ominous thing out there that makes promises it can’t keep and causes a lot of damage.

These podcasts will be lengthier than the earlier ones have been but also chock full of information consistent with the Love Beyond The Sea desire to equip men to experience marital love. Time is short my friends. Don’t dig a big hole for yourself and bury your future, and if you are one of the many who are struggling and want a reset, please go to, bookmark the site for future podcasts of a review of Tim Challies book Sexual Detox.

Please let others know about this podcast series and by all means buy the book. I will link two places you can buy it in the description box. The first podcast is up NOW!

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