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The Adventure of Pursuing a Filipina to Marry

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It will be an adventure to spend the rest of your life with a Filipina wife who will know little to nothing of life in your country and you’ll get to teach her a lot of things. It will be an adventure for her to come be with you. The whole travel experience to the Philippines is an adventure. For me it was four flights, three layovers and nearly a day and a half of travel. I had not left the country before.

I am kind of amazed I made it through customs and found the right terminals and so on. After arriving to LAX in LA, I asked someone what I needed to do next and they pointed me to a counter. I stood in line and after a while realized the line was not moving. I had to find Philippine Airlines. I called my travel agent and she told me I needed to take a shuttle bus to it. I went outside and did that, walked in the door, found PAL and there was no one there! I put my 2 pieces of luggage down and called my travel agent. She asked me if I had checked in and I thought “checked in” meant “showed up”. I was supposed to notify the airline 24 hours ahead of time about my flight. I guess I figured they should know that already! I was told the plane had already boarded. Having boarded two flights already, I realized how much time had passed by then.

I found anyone I could talk to and told them I needed to be on that plane as I was going to get married. I don’t know if that helped or not but the Filipino worker I talked to used his radio to ask what should or could be done. After pacing around a while, he waved me over. I think I showed him some papers and ran things through the X-Ray machine, and they then pointed me to my next stop to get on the plane.

Then, I realized I only had one bag with me. I had left the other one downstairs when I made my phone call. I had no choice but to ask them to find it so they called downstairs and thankfully, found the bag and ran it upstairs through the machine, gave it to me and escorted me straight to the place to get on the plane, and said don’t bother with the papers, just get on! No doubt about it, that flight was late but we still landed in Manila on time after a 14.5 hour flight that seemed like an eternity. I wasn’t aware of the time but sensed some rustling around of the passengers so I used the restroom in case we were going to land soon. I asked a stewardess if we were about to land and she said “Oh, no sir, we still have seven hours!”. My back was killing me and I spent a lot of time standing up to try to take pressure off it.

We finally arrived in Manilla and it had been a long time since I left home. I waited about two hours for my luggage to show up and it did not. I was told it is normal for this to happen to a few people each flight. I filled out some paperwork so the luggage could be sent to the Bayview hotel in Manila where I was staying. Next was to meet my fiancé whom I had never met before in person. A lot of the women I saw looked like her as I slowly walked up to them only to realize it wasn’t her. I couldn’t speak to her because the wi-fi was not working so I couldn’t tell if she knew I was there or not. A Filipino let me use his phone to call her Viber number and I made contact with her. She wasn’t allowed in the airport there so you have to go outside. Eventually she saw me as I surely stood out, and approached me. I wish I could remember if I hugged her or not but I just don’t recall.

The pursuit of a godly wife so far away pleases God and shows you are serious. (Whoever finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor of the Lord). Trusting God in your search is pleasing to Him. The weather in the Philippines was very hot which added to this adventure. We can spend the rest of our lives doing what is convenient and focusing on ourselves which I believe results in an unsatisfying life. Are adventures risky? It can be, but you are in control of the process of getting to know these women on Christian Filipina.

What good was my comfort zone if I was going to be alone and miserable?

The best is yet to come with my Love Beyond The Sea!

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