The Filipina Quality of Modesty

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When a man thinks about a Filipina, he probably thinks about her exotic beauty, her black hair, her short stature. That is physical beauty and there are qualities of beauty that are about what’s on the inside, and one of those is modesty. This is a quality to look for in seeking a Filipina to marry. Please subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea for many kinds of help related to a foreigner - Filipina relationship.

The dictionary definition of modesty is---the quality or state of being unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one's abilities.

This describes what I have read about Filipinas and experienced myself when looking for a wife from the Philippines and in being married to my wife. If you compliment a Filipina on her beauty she might say “oh no, I’m just average.” Don’t they know how beautiful they are to foreign men?

Often you will come across a Filipina describing herself as a simple woman, another expression of modesty. If you’ve seen my video on PDA, you know that often a Filipina will see PDA like kissing in public as being indecent. Only liberal Filipinas do that, she might tell you.

A modest Filipina will be self-conscious of the clothes she wears too. This is something to look for when you see photos of a Filipina you might be interested in. A modest Filipina won’t try to win you over by how she dresses, she will want to impress you by wearing simple, good looking, not expensive or revealing attire. She wants you to see her character in the way she dresses.

I know when I was looking for a wife, showing too much skin was a sign to me to look somewhere else. A modest Filipina cares about her reputation. She wants to be known for things like being a hard worker and a respectful person. This is the type of woman you can be proud to show off to others. A modest Filipina wants to dress in a way for a man to treat her with dignity and respect. It is ok for her to want to look good, let’s not mistake modesty for intentionally dressing to look unattractive or frumpy. That is also immodest because it is an attempt to attract attention to oneself.

Modesty also applies to how she conducts herself. If she is trying to attract attention by loud speech or much talk, or uses bad language, this would be immodest. I would think the kind of Filipina you want to marry avoids the spotlight, doesn’t want to be the center of attention, she has high standards for herself and just goes about her business trying her best.

If she is modest then she won’t even want to do something that might make her look bad. She cares about how others perceive her and wants to please God.

Lovely Filipinas are abundantly available. If you find a modest Filipina, go ahead and tell her how beautiful she is, she may deny it but she wants to hear it. Learn to recognize modest behavior and complement her on it. Over time she will realize it means something to you. Her amazing Filipina beauty fades with age (albeit slower it seems) but modesty will not fade. The modest Filipina will want to look good for her husband, just not anyone else.

Clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God” (1 Peter 3:4). If it’s valuable to God, it’s valuable to me, and is something I admire about my Love Beyond The Sea.

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