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What Would I Do If I Lost My Filipina Wife?

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On a recent video I received a nice comment that also wanted to know out of curiosity what I would do if I somehow lost my Amazing Aiza. This was in reference to the obvious devotion I have for her and it is only natural to wonder if I have thought about how I would handle losing her. I hadn’t wanted to give that subject much thought but decided that it would be a good upload topic.

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There are a lot of differences from our age to our culture to the distance that separated us, yet I have grown to have stronger feelings for my Filipina wife. My love for her goes beyond how I feel about her, I have an obligation to love her and that has not prevented me from falling more in love with her. She knows I am absolutely crazy about her and there is no doctor’s cure available to treat it. She has even asked me what I would do if something happened to her. It would be my worst nightmare.

First, by losing her I am not thinking about her leaving me through divorce. I am more concerned about something happening to her in an accident or illness. The main thing I can do here, is to pray for her safety, which I do daily. I insisted on the safest car she could buy even though it cost more. I feel like I need to protect her any way I can. Another thing I can do to protect our marriage is to be the best husband I can be to her, and that is the thrust of my videos and something I want to share that with you.

What can anyone do when they lose someone precious to them? It happens all the time around the world, somewhere. It is heartbreaking to lose a spouse. There are times when a couple that have been married a long time, experiences a death of one of the spouses, and shortly after that, maybe a year or two, the other spouse dies. I can understand that.

The first thing I would have to do and continue to do, is to thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to experience the best of my life, with this amazing little woman. I think I would hurt for a long time, but I know that a good wife is from the Lord and the Bible says the Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Our response is to say ‘Blessed is the name of the Lord’. We know full well that we all die and we also know without a doubt that no one knows when their time is up. Because of this, I must continue to be thankful each and every day.

I have to be honest with you, when I get out of bed in the morning, I am aware that this could be the last day we are together. I don’t worry about us getting divorced, but people do die “before their time” for a number of reasons. I am not aware of our mortality out of a sense of anxiety, it is simply a fact. I want to be sure I appreciate my wife and value each day with her.

Since I have a YouTube channel and it’s on Odysee and Bitchute in case something happens with YouTube, there should be many videos capturing key vacations we’ve taken as well as simple life events we shared together. She has also taken many photos I can access and made a lot of pictures we have here at the house. She has her little fingerprints all over this house, upstairs, downstairs, this room, that room, with her decorating and has improved our yard with plants and flowers. She couldn’t be out of my mind with all these reminders, not to mention all the memories.

I have said that together (with my wife) is my favorite place to be, so naturally it is going to hurt to be without her, if that were to happen. She is my best friend, my companion, my lover. She meets my relational needs as a wife should. She is in my thoughts, prayers throughout the day, and I dream about her too. Am I setting myself up for a hard fall someday?

I don’t think so. I am merely trying to live my life to the fullest, and do the best I can, with the woman God gave me after decades alone, praying for a wife. That part would hurt too, that I waited so long for her. Still, everything we have comes from God and we know that there are few guarantees in life. I am going to go 100 miles an hour in this relationship, in that, I am not going to hold back anything from her. I will give her my best. She has made my life so much better and made me forget about the many years of singleness.

Ultimately, I have to realize that she belongs to God first, since he created her and decided when and where she would be born. He brought us together. As a Christian I know that we will see our loved ones who are saved, in heaven some day and be reunited forever. How does that sound? Being married on earth has its problems, the Bible calls them the troubles in the flesh. In eternity, there are no such issues, no arguments, disagreements, misunderstandings, none of that. If something happened to my Aiza first, then I would need to wait awhile to be able to see her again.

I have a video called Will I Know My Late Filipina Wife in Heaven?, and I will link that at the top of the description box. Being able to be with her under absolutely perfect conditions forever would help make it easier for me to be without her here on earth for my remaining years but I think it would still be difficult.

If my baby were to leave this world before me, I would have a decision to make-Should I seek to remarry? That is perfectly permissible and in no way indicates a lack of love and devotion to my Filipina wife, the question is, could I do it?

Even if I could, where am I going to find another wife? I would start my search with a Filipina for sure but would I want to go through the online experience and visa paperwork and wait for her to be with me here in the United States a second time? Very unlikely. I am also unlikely to go to the Philippines to live permanently due to health issues but if I could get the help I need from the doctors over there, that becomes a little more possible but where would I live? Probably Davao City but traveling anywhere is much easier if I have my wife with me like I do now.

Some may think that the heartache of losing a spouse early is enough to make them not get married in the first place. That is staying in the safety zone, the comfort zone. I don’t think that would be a good idea because at least you’d have the experiences and the memories and would have benefited from the marriage, which beats not chancing getting married at all. It would hurt to lose my wife, but the six years we’ve had together have been the best of my life. As the song goes, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Statistically this is not likely to play out but I wanted to share what I thought with you. I would not blame God if Aiza left this world before I did because that decision is up to him. I didn’t deserve her in the first place. She has been an amazing wife to me and has expanded my ability to enjoy life like never before. She was definitely worth the wait! For now, I will be thankful to be the husband of my love beyond the sea.

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