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20.19 in 2019? Decisions To Make If New Philippines Immigration Rules

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News is swirling around about increased requirements to immigrate a Filipina. 42,000 dollars a year is what I have seen, which is $ 20.19 per hour spread out over 2,080 hours in a year working full-time.

I emailed my agent from four years ago and he told me that changes were upcoming for visa immigration sponsorship rules but specifics at this point in time were hearsay. He said that he had not seen any public mention of income requirements changing in October of this year. I don’t know if that should put anyone at ease or not, but nonetheless, the winds of change are blowing, so I think it is not jumping the gun for me to talk a little about this.

I seem to remember having to submit the last three years of taxes as part of the petition. Would this 42,000 be an average of a number of years, or would it be required to be the current year of earnings, or the prior year? Or the upcoming year? If money was available in a 401-k or pension, does that count, even though there may be restrictions of when it could be withdrawn (ex: age 59.5)? If a man had his house paid off but would be short of the annual income, wouldn’t that be better than if met the income requirements but his home was chewing up a lot of cash? Personally, I married my Filipina wife in 2015 and had an agent handle my petition.

I wanted someone I trusted to handle this very important process. Many choose to do it themselves, but with the October 15 start date less than two months away, time is of the essence for some of us. I am concerned how this will affect guys searching for Filipina wives since those are the men who I want to share my experience with.

Look, there isn’t much better in life than having a good Filipina wife. It takes effort, which is what I talk about here, but is very rewarding.

For some guys, they have some decisions to make. For the guys who won’t be at a roughly 42,000 annual income level by October 15 of 2019 but would like to marry a Filipina, what are you to do?

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