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29 Ways To Keep Your Filipina From Becoming Americanized

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1. Her husband is responsible to make a healthy and safe culture or environment for her

2. Tell her that America may not be what she thinks it is

3. Be upfront about your concerns about becoming “Americanized”

4. Learn about and appreciate the Philippines

5. Listen to Philippine music together

6. Eat Philippine foods together

7. Watch Philippine movies together

8. Keep up with news from the Philippines

9. Don’t talk condescendingly about the Philippines

10 . Praise values that oppose “becoming Americanized”

11. Avoid being excessively frugal

12 . Have a financial plan for your futures

13 . Be a hard worker, get extra hours if possible

14 . Do activities together

15. Let her “build her nest” in your home

16. Talk with her family

17. Love her family

18. Help her grow as a person.

19. Trust her.

20. Praise her.

21. Help her find good friends

22. Help her find a job, teach her to drive

23. Don’t control her

24. Don’t be overprotective

25. Be committed to her

26. Learn to speak Filipino, at least some words or phrases

27. Treat her well

28. Respect series-How to communicate-How to love-Help with Marital Harmony, etc.

29. Consider retiring in the Philippines Engage in marriage talk Ask her “What are you thinking, feeling, believing, experiencing? Attend a marriage conference together

There is temptation out there. There is a reason people say that you shouldn’t bring your Filipina to America, that she will become “Americanized”. I think this is too one-sided. There are good reasons for her to be in America and there are things a foreigner husband can do to minimize the risk of her becoming “Americanized”.

Finding a good Filipina wife is a tremendous blessing. There is nothing better than a loving, mutually giving relationship between a man and a woman. My goal with this video has been to help encourage foreigners to consider that she isn’t guaranteed to fall victim to feminism in America. She has to have a good head on her shoulders to begin with. That’s a topic for another video. The foreign husband must protect her from certain temptations and I hope you will find this video helpful.

I am as concerned as any man about my Filipina becoming “Americanized” but have taken the initiative to see that it doesn’t happen with my Love Beyond the Sea!

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