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Chatting With Several or Focusing On One Filipina

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A quest involving multiple women would seem to give you more options, but that has potential drawbacks and could prolong the process of getting married. She will favor the man who is totally in to her and not also entertaining others. Focusing on one might help you marry sooner and be together sooner after that additional visa wait. Multiple prospects could make you too picky and you could get addicted to web camming with delightful, easy going, beautiful Filipinas. You could also become paralyzed by analyzing what seems like good choices and trying to decide between good and better, between better and best.

If I did this, I might still be single! My wife made the choice easier for me and I am glad she did. Get her before someone else does by being the aggressor and being focused on her. You could spend your time more efficiently trying to make sure this one woman you are very interested in really is “the one”, and I believe many women could be “the one”. I have a video I haven’t released yet called “Is there only one that can be “the one”? There I aim to explain how there could be hundreds, even thousands of “the one” that you could marry. Having even five prospects can be time consuming to arrive at and you could be second guessing yourself a lot.

There is no doubt that this search is fun and can be exhilarating, but a man is going to have to decide how they are going to go about identifying their top prospects. When I started international on line dating I assumed I would be chatting and doing webcams with a handful of women until I could narrow the field down. As it turned out, my wife and I did it differently. My guess is most men also figure it is best to communicate with several or more at a time until one prospect starts to stand out, but I know other people who basically identified one good prospect right away and just focused on them. Do I favor one over the other?

I have been asked my opinion on this so I thought I would make a video about it. I want to emphasize that this topic allows for different opinions so I encourage anyone who happens to be watching to comment. If you are married to or have identified the Filipina you want to spend the rest of your life with, please let me know how you made that choice, how you decided to call off the search. If you are currently involved with looking for a Filipina or haven’t but would like to, let me know your thoughts on chatting with several or multiple women at the same time, as opposed to merely focusing on one woman at a time. In this video I will compare chatting with several, maybe five, perhaps more Filipinas concurrently, with simply focusing on one woman at a time.

I could be wrong but I think most men would consider the multiple-women method to be the best way to go about it. I assumed it was the only way. I ended up not doing it like that, and frankly was surprised when I prepared notes for this topic, how one-sided my opinion was on this. I figured I would list the pros of one then write the pros of the other and they would more or less balance out, but to my surprise, it was overwhelmingly in favor of focusing on one at a time. I have chatted many times with men who are interested in a relationship with a Filipina, and that process begins with identifying them and initiating a conversation with them. I haven’t pushed my particular view on anyone, and I have encouraged they focus on multiple women if that is what they are interested in doing.

If they express a preference for focusing on one woman at a time, I won’t try to change their mind. The main thing is for that man to be serious about searching for a Filipina. I think it takes a full commitment to the whole process. If that is present, that person has a chance.

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