Filipinas and $ Faithful in Little Faithful in Much

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It is a biblical principle that whomever is faithful in little is faithful in much also. I have seen this to be true with my Filipina wife. If you are interested in pursuing a Filipina, be prepared for her to have very little in finances and what she has may have to be distributed to the rest of the family. This video applies to working Filipinas. It may be in the back of your mind, how your Filipina will respond to having some wealth, yours and what she earns.

I married my wife when I was 53. As I was getting older I thought maybe I should marry a woman who was financially secure. After all, I thought I had missed out on so much of my life that if I did eventually get married, she might as well be financially secure. Then maybe we could have money to go places in retirement.

There was another side of me that wanted to marry a woman who was poor, who didn’t have a lot of material wealth, and give her a better life. I had no idea this would become possible by pursuing a woman in the Philippines. I remember my wife telling me one day “I don’t have money, but I have my integrity!”

That was one of those moments I was drawn closer to her. Her net worth went beyond having money. Here is some of her net worth to me: My companion, lover, generous, excellent daughter in law to my mother, has character, she’s my best friend. She definitely has a high net worth to me and has made me a wealthier man.

Here are some ways my Filipina wife has proven to be faithful in little, and why I think she will be faithful in much. She hasn’t had much money but she will use what she has for necessities like food, clothing, shelter. Some people still squander what little they have but she earned what she had and realized where it needed to go. Now in America, she is still going to be aware of the needs of others and want to help them.

She will still be unselfish. She hasn’t forgotten her family now that she is living in comparable luxury. She will prioritize what she has earned. Even though she wasn’t making a lot in the Philippines compared to over here, she had developed the habit of making priorities with her money.

My wife is still careful about what she buys and of course, looks for sales. She had been faithful in little, so she has learned to not be wasteful with what she has. She saves leftover food and keeps things as long as they still have utility. She will take care of “her” things, her possessions because she learned that value while working in the Philippines. She will make things last such as her clothes. She still has clothes in the closet she brought over from the Philippines. Those have sentimental value to me since I recall many photos of her wearing them before she immigrated here. She will be resourceful, making things last by finding additional uses for them, which she learned to do in the Philippines. She has proven faithful in much by not being spoiled or feeling entitled simply because she is in America now.

Naturally she still helps her family, that is the number one reason she wants to marry a foreigner. The sooner you can accept that the better your chances with marrying a sweet and caring Filipina. She will love you, but she has always been with her family. She will still enjoy buying things for herself such as jewelry, purses, watches, my wife even bought a car when our work ours changed. My philosophy is that her money is our money and the money I earn is our money. She usually talks to me before buying something that is a little more expensive. Some things you can do to help her to be faithful in much, is to teach her how to write checks and how to pay bills on line. You can also emphasize saving money as this is something she might not have had the chance to do in the Philippines. You can help her with long-range planning such as making her aware how Social Security works, how a 401-K works, if you have an IRA how that works and if you have a financial advisor, bring your wife with you so she can learn about what will be hers one day. While being able to work in a foreign country will be more profitable for a Filipina,

I think you should still discourage her from overworking. She might feel that a 40-hour work week is nothing.

When my wife has plans for the money she makes, like her family, she routinely works 60 hours a week, with 20 of it being overtime. She would probably extend that if that wasn’t the limit imposed by her employer. She is young and energetic enough but I still need to keep an eye on how she is doing.

I make sure to encourage her to get ample rest. I hope that faithful in little, faithful in much describes your Love Beyond the Sea!

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