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Attracting Your Filipina Wife With Your Online Dating Profile

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Here are some of my tips for a good profile. This is the most important aspect of your membership.

Don’t write a book, but do make your words count. Describe a little about yourself, but most importantly, write about what marriage to you will be like. The women want a husband and probably don’t want to take a long time finding him.

I wish I could retrieve my profile for you but basically it detailed that I wanted a woman to love and protect and provide for, and I longed for the touch and companionship I lacked alone. My wife thinks I wrote a lot but I didn’t think so. I made my words count. There is no benefit in being sparing with your words and not standing out to the woman of your dreams. I knew what I wanted to attract and that was the person who would like my profile.

This is in contrast to making a list of traits you want in a spouse. What I did was say who I was and the kind of marriage I could provide. I got married very quickly, and a lot of women wanted to chat and put me on their buddy lists. You aren’t narcissistic when you tell about yourself in your profile.

This is your chance. Sure, describe yourself, but tell her how you will make a good marriage partner. Chatting with the women was elaborating on what I put in my profile, building on it. As for photos, dress nicely and smile!

Show some photos of you doing things that enjoy doing. To be honest, I only had one photo, but that was enough to garner interest.

It is safe to say my profile attracted my Love Beyond The Sea.

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