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Make a Filipina Your First Choice To Marry?

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With the sad state of marriage today in America where I live, and how easy it was to find a Filipina to marry, it makes me wonder if a guy should look for a Filipina as his first choice in a wife.

There is no divorce in the Philippines, and that was a plus to me. A Filipina is known for taking care of her man and of her household. Many value an older man as compared to someone in their twenties. If you have not found a good wife and are in your thirties or above, perhaps you should focus on a woman from the Philippines.

I was alone for thirty years before I winked at a woman on Christian Filipina and we were married in less than eight weeks! I know another, younger guy, who is marrying a Filipina he met on CF. Like many of us, he was unsuccessful finding someone in the USA, and found a Filipina in short order. Actually, at least two men from work married Filipinas recently. With potentially so much of life to live, you might want to think about pursuing a Filipina because a Filipina wants to get married. The women on CF where I found my wife want to get married.

It might sound crazy to make a Filipina your first choice to marry, but considering how many men are looking to the Philippines later in life, why not look for one early on? Only you can decide if women in your country are going to make good wives. In my experience, they seemed to be hiding somewhere. I couldn’t find her in church, work, the gym or anywhere else. They all had boyfriends or so they said.

I wonder at what age a single man reaches the point of diminishing returns? Is it 25,30, 35…? I doubt I would have gotten married to anyone here in America. I am the same person yet could have picked from many Filipinas.

My intentions for marriage were the same but only on CF did I find someone to even listen.

That’s enough to make me consider finding your first Love Beyond The Sea.

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