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Be Realistic of Filipina Marriage Expectations

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Many of us have heard about how Filipinas make great wives. That all depends on the right Filipina. This is where you need prayer for discernment on who to marry. Christian Filipina staff can help you with that. Here are some tips that you might use early on.

1. Successful will always require give and take. It may be best if you do most of the giving early on, to set the tone.

2. Don’t expect her to be ok with you spending a lot of time doing what you used to do when you were single. She didn’t come that far away to spend much time alone.

3. I told my wife from the start that I would do all I can do defer to her wishes.

4. Don’t expect her to eat brown rice.

5. Don’t expect her to be so enamored with being in your country that she isn’t interested in the Philippines anymore.

6. While dating, talk to her about what you see marriage to you being like.

7. While dating and even after marriage, encourage her to tell you her needs.

8. A beautiful Filipina is a woman like any other so what generally works with one woman should work for any other, and the same with what doesn’t work.

9. Always be mindful of the sacrifice she has made being away from home. Let her use social media.

10. Expect that there might be some misunderstanding because of language differences.

11. You might get the silent treatment now and then.

12. Be mindful and respectful of cultural differences-we haven’t had issues here, really.

13. Avoid public arguments with her.

14. Being rude with anyone will make her upset.

15. Don’t be intimidated by but be realistic about age-difference related issues such as frequency of sexual intimacy, overall energy to do things as you get older (if she is much younger), and priorities like her pursuits. She may have a lot of life ahead of her.

16. Don’t try to act like a younger guy, I don’t think she wants that. She wants maturity.

17. Let her dress you the way she wants. It will be good.

18. She probably will be more frugal than you.

19. Be careful not to control her. That’s one of her biggest fears.

20. Be mindful of the curse in Genesis 3 which is basically each’s desire to control the other.

21. Watch the tone of your voice and don’t hit her.

22. Accept a certain degree of jealousy from other men and even some disdain.

23. Accept a certain degree of criticism from others who don’t understand your intentions.

24. My wife was 26 when we married and very mature. This is a good age.

25. Be realistic if you marry a much younger woman, and respect her individuality. Don’t treat her like your daughter.

26. Try to talk candidly about everything that is important to you. Try to understand her (live with her in an understanding way). You may find this doesn’t come easy for her. Be patient.

What helps me is that I have lived most of my life and she is my priority. She hasn’t lived most of her life and still has some dreams and things to fulfill. I recommend investing in her life. Biblically, marriage is a picture of Christ and the church, and while he uses his bride for help, he gave his life for her and blesses her now and in eternity.

Life is never going to be perfect here on earth, but I could not manage without my Love Beyond The Sea.

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