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Is The Philippines Dead For Mongers and Marriage-Minded Men?

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Admittedly this is not something I pay much attention to, but I have been fortunate to recently gain a strong source of the Philippines scene, that can keep me abreast of changes that might be happening.

This highly sophisticated and intelligent person offered some help with possible reasons for a decline in the success rate for mongers, and seems to have his pulse on this, and I will share what his views were.

I have never met this person, but they like Love Beyond The Sea and make a lot of salient points, so I wanted to include them on this video. He guards his identity well. If I were to find out who it is he would be lost as a source of good information, but I will take all the help he can provide. He is also a marriage minded person.

Here is what he divulged to me

Social Media and Smartphones “Social media, online thirst and saturation of sites like FilipinoCupid, and Tinder have significantly contributed to filipinas becoming more jaded to foreigners. Would you like being sold false promises, being pumped and dumped; probably not. So filipinas are becoming more savvy and suspicious towards foreigners as a whole. But due to "white old foreigners" being there the longest, there is a stereotype happening where young filipina women who are with "old white men" aka 50+ crowd are viewed as prostitutes or low class among the wider filipino community. It takes considerable effort to break down this barrier and to show you are different!” They said face/reputation is very important in Philippine society.

Korean, Chinese, Japanese "Invasion" “One thing that is only mentioned briefly in western circles is the rise of East Asia, specifically Japan, China and Korea! Due to the increase of disposable income and the gender imbalances in those countries many of these men are going to Southeast Asia; predominately Vietnam and Myanmar (formerly Burma) to find wives to bring back to their home countries just like westerners, increasing competition. I have seen a few filipina profiles who talk about K-dramas and only wanting Korean men. While I have only seen a few (minority), it is becoming more common.”

Increased Competition from Young Men “As more and more young men get fed up with the low ROI and attitudes of western women, they are looking at other options. While it has been a slow boil, more and more younger men are increasingly going to the Philippines (more specifically Makati/FBGC) to find love. (FBGC = Bonifacio Global City) You can see this if you look at the testimonial sections of FilipinoCupid and CF. The men are getting younger! This increased competition has put strain on older mongers who are now complaining that the party is over and that their favorite hunting ground is ruined.” (Mongers is a term sex tourists prefer to refer to themselves as, I am told).

Rise of the Middle Class “Filipinas are increasingly becoming more educated and wealthy due to the influx of Call-Center and outsourcing jobs. Because of this they no longer have to rely so much on westerners to pay the bills as they have jobs. Now filipinas are becoming more picky in regards to who they love and the geriatric monger crowd is being pushed out, in favor of genuine men. This would also explain why Angeles City bar girls are now considered fat and ugly like by some of these men!

As for marriage-minded men, who have heard from sources like this channel that Filipinas make great wives, I doubt they are complaining about their options. Men continue to flock to the Philippines to find good wives and like me, met on a dating site. I know men that I know are pursuing a Filipina for marriage, men at work who married Filipinas recently, another one who is having trouble deciding which Filipina to get serious with, and I bet there are many others around the world considering a woman from the Philippines. That’s good. This has been the case for a long time and I doubt that trend changes or becomes more difficult to achieve any time soon. There is a difference between someone looking for casual sex and a man looking for a wife. That difference is commitment.

A man looking to commit to a Filipina is more desirable than one who isn’t. He can get married sooner rather than later. It took my wife and I less than eight weeks to be married, and we started 9800 miles apart! We’re happy, nearly four years later. The foreigner looking to marry a Filipina is looking for character, or he should be. A foreigner who is willing to open his wallet to a Filipina by marrying her and taking care of her, will always be in more demand than someone looking for one-night stands.

The marriage-minded Filipina is going to go for the marriage-minded foreigner. I think the Philippines is still an excellent place to look for a wife.

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