Guys Your Muscles Don't Attract Filipinas

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I won’t need a spotter to handle this question, do muscles attract Filipinas? You can work in with me, just let me pump out a few reps to explain my position, but first, subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea and I will help you know what does attract a Filipina, what she’s looking for in a husband. Get notifications by tapping the bell and comments are always welcomed. Now I will muscle up and tell you not to get too carried away with your physique because there isn’t much body of proof for that.

When I was younger and went to the gym regularly, I remember a guy told me once “the more time in the weight room, the more time in the bedroom”. This was in the 80s and I can still remember what he looked like, how he said it, and the song that was playing in the gym when he said it! The song was “Caribbean Queen” by Billy Ocean. If Ocean was my last name, I’d change my first name to Pacific, that would be good for my channel, but one thing you don’t have to change is your muscles.

Since I had worked out for over 30 years, I was in excellent shape when I met my wife on line, however I’ve never gotten the impression that was a factor in her marrying me. She really didn’t even talk about my muscles, and I did have them even at 53. She didn’t ask me if I had a gym membership, what my max bench press was or how much I could squat.

For the most part, this has been historically true for most women. A Filipina is smart enough to look for a kind man who will be good to her and embrace her family. The kind of workout you want to focus on is the one that works out having a Filipina for life. Strength does matter to a Filipina, but it’s not so much physical strength, it’s strength of character. Technique is important, which is what I want to teach in this channel.

What will matter to a Filipina-Cardio health is good, as the size of your heart will attract her attention. Honesty will make gains with her, being able to trust you is important to her, wanting to learn about her and not taking forever to meet her is something she’ll want to see. Yes, the ability to provide for her helps so you’ll want to bulk up on your savings and if your gains are enough, you can flex down on one knee and propose to her, she’ll be excited about that. Leave the 12-ounce curls out of your routine, as she probably won’t be crazy about drinking.

My condition has changed-I know my wife doesn’t want me to get carried away with my body. She thinks it looks fine the way it is, even though I have a much harsher view of it. She is looking beyond what I can see in the mirror, which I hope is steamed up when I stand in front of it.

Look at the shape others are in-If you’ve seen some couples together, the westerner looks like he hasn’t seen the inside of a Gold’s gym for a long time. He is more likely to have an AARP membership than a gym membership. I think it matters more to my wife that I help clean the plates in the kitchen, rather than how many plates I can put on the bar in the gym.

More muscles will get you in the bedroom is what some men think, but a Filipina is more interested in reputation than repetition. She does want to know how many reps of kindness you can do, how many reps of selfless deeds can you do, if you can lift her out of a bad mood or have perfect form when dealing with tampo.

Don’t be a dumb bell. You can hit the weights if you want, but it won’t carry much weight with your future love beyond the sea.

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