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Why You Should Bring Your Filipina to America

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It is easy to see a YouTube video where someone tells you that you'd have to be crazy to bring your Filipina wife to America. I'm not sure I have ever heard someone explain why it would be a good idea to bring the woman you married in the Philippines to America to be with you. That would apply to bringing a Filipina here on a fiance visa, expecting to marry her and stay in America.

I have to say that sounds selfish. It could also mean a man doesn't trust his Filipina wife. He might think that once she gets here, she is going to leave him after she acquires a green card of citizenship.

He might think that she will succumb to bad influences in the form of "Western Women", who will talk her into leaving him. Perhaps she will end up hooking up with a younger man. If these even seem like possibilities then I'd say it is not the right time to marry her and the relationship needs to be reevaluated.

Even though I am not able to live in the Philippines with my wife, at least not while I am still working in America, there are reasons why she would be better off in America, and if at all possible, that should be the goal. Here are some reasons why.

1. The health care is better.

2. Overall it might be less dangerous.

3. Many more opportunities to find a good paying job to support her family in the Philippines.

4. Her husband, if still working, would be able to support her better.

5. Having USA citizenship is a good thing. It is easier to travel abroad not having to apply for a visa everywhere you go.

There are probably more reasons that this. I just believe that you should trust your Filipina wife enough to bring her to your country. Most of the arguments against this seem to be based on not trusting her. Then why marry her? Maybe sometimes the man doesn't trust himself to do what he needs to do to keep her?

I believe my wife is better off here now being with me. She can always move back to the Philippines when I die and she probably will. That's where her family is. For now, she has adapted very well to being in America and thankfully, I haven't had to worry about any of the usual reasons used as to why someone should not bring his Filipina wife to America.

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