In Sickness and In Health-Filipina Commitment

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They say Filipinas make good caretakers and are wanted in other countries for their care taking ability.

I know a Fil-Am couple with a large age gap and I think this aspect was a big part of them getting married.

I saw it firsthand in the Philippines when I met my wife.

They don’t have old folks homes in the Philippines.

I think my wife would help my mother if she became ill.

I just had two surgeries in 17 days and my wife helped take care of me.

In sickness and in health is part of the usual wedding vows, but taken seriously in the Philippine culture. I see no reason that this wouldn’t carry over to your country.

Watch this video to gain an appreciation for the kind of caring wife a Filipina can be.

I have no doubt I will be taken care of by my Love Beyond The Sea.

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