Who is the Prize, The Foreigner or the Filipina ?

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From my vantage point, the Filipina was the prize, the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow in Davao City, Philippines. When I started this journey on Christian Filipina, I regarded her as the must get. I always felt that I should be so grateful if she showed any interest in me. Communicating with pretty Filipinas is a great thrill, and a great confidence boost. Here are a few ways she is the prize to me.

1. How many opportunities was I going to get to marry a much younger woman, which I hadn’t even thought of, but was possible in the Philippines? For someone who’d been alone for three decades, this was an unbelievable opportunity! I felt like I had missed out on so much sexual intimacy that this made a Filipina an extremely desirable mate. Today, I don’t have to worry about being able to have sex. I have a young wife who like many younger women, wants some variety and get this—wants me to initiate!..If I could read the minds of men at work who see us together and see our photos on my screenshots and in my locker, I’ll bet they acknowledge that I’ve found an amazing prize in my wife. . I will allow you some time to get back in your chairs after falling over…She regards sex as a normal activity of married couples. She looks so much more attractive than women my age, who apparently find me too old for them. This aspect, along with all the other benefits of marriage, make her the prize, the most important, if you will.

2. I was of the belief that marriage is God’s best and I wanted to live His way, and was willing to go all the way across the world to find this seemingly unfindable woman. If I didn’t think she was a hidden treasure, I wouldn’t have done what it took to go 10,000 miles away to marry. She is a rare jewel to me. That’s why I had to expand the borders of my search to the Philippines.

3. If you’ve ever had something dominate your thoughts as much as getting married dominated mine, I think you would understand that after striving so long and finally “seeing the light at end of the tunnel”, how I ran to this little woman as seeing my longtime prayers about to be answered, if I didn’t get intimidated to travel to another country to find her, and I went for it. I felt like Indiana Jones throughout the plane flights and different climate and simply knowing I was far away from home. It really was a surreal experience.

They see the good food she prepares for us and the way she’s improved my appearance with her good taste in clothes. They see how much more relaxed I am. They observe her respectful ways at work. When they see her 4’11, 92 lb. hourglass figure they probably just shake their heads in wonder. I get to do what they wonder about!

The gist of all this is my concern that a man looking for a relationship with a Filipina, regards HER as the prize, and not himself. If he does that, he may be more aggressive in pursuing a Filipina, he may feel more pressure to go out of his comfort zone to do what it takes to meet this woman of his dreams. He might feel eternally grateful to her for giving him a chance. He may see her as the cure for his aloneness. She could marry a younger Filipino, but she markets herself for someone like you. She could remain with all her friends and family, yet is willing to leave behind everything and everyone she knows, to go what seems like a million miles away to live with a man who she knows she doesn’t know a great deal about, to make his dreams come true. I could not do that.

But just because I think she should be regarded as the prize, it is also fair to say that the husband and his Filipina wife are both winners. They both benefit greatly; he with a beautiful and intimate partner in life who can help in so many ways, and she with a man who wouldn’t cheat on her in his right mind. Maybe it is time to claim your prize, who is on the list of women you see on Christian Filipina, where I found my wife, willing to marry you, willing to relocate for you, something that seems virtually impossible in the usual dating sites of today. The family help is just something that comes with the wife and should be expected considering how much they need some help and how helpful this woman is going to be to you.

Your dream wife is in the Philippines. She may also be elsewhere but she’s in the Philippines if you want her, if you pay for a flight or two and travel to her and meet her family.

She is the prize but you are both winners. Plenty of prizes are available for every man. When I snuggle up to my wife’s warm, soft, smooth body, I feel like I am floating on a cloud because I am so content and feel good about my future!

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