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Shame On You For Wanting a Younger Wife?

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Shame on you for wanting a younger wife?

You can find a younger Filipina wife I am not suggesting you leave your wife for a younger woman. Older men typically want a younger wife. Beauty and sex appeal is why.

It is not taboo in the Philippines. A younger Filipina marries an older foreigner of her own free will.

Seeking a younger woman to marry does not make you a predator. Personally, I am much more concerned with the attitude a man has. Of course, there is much allure with a younger Filipina, but is the man ready to die for his wife, as Jesus gave up his life for his bride the church?

Marriage comes down to the husband protecting and providing for his wife, that may be mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, in every way. He needs to be unselfish and put the needs of his wife above his own. That is the gist of Ephesians 5 where the Bible tells us that Jesus gave up his life for his bride the church.

This young woman isn’t someone’s slave, she is his helper and the proper way for an older man to see a younger wife.

The biblical example of Ruth and Boaz in Ruth chapter 3:10- "The LORD bless you, my daughter," he replied. "This kindness is greater than that which you showed earlier: You have not run after the younger men, whether rich or poor.

Boaz married Ruth, and the LORD blessed her with a son. Ruth 4:13.

I wanted a younger wife and married one 27 years younger. I set my age bracket at 20-30.

The Bible is silent on age difference between spouses, as far as what is best. Wisdom is required.

To be honest with you, I never felt any uneasiness, or shame when I was looking for a younger wife on the website Christian Filipina. That had not previously been a goal of mine but in the Philippines, a younger woman is open to marrying an older man. I hope that she is able to marry a man that can spend a good number of years with her.

I was looking for a wife and hadn’t had any success for many years. I began to realize that at 53 at the time, women who were 50 were starting to want a man who was 50 or younger. Where did that leave me? I didn’t look to the Philippines for the purpose of marrying a younger woman, my pastor sent me an article of an older man who found a wife there because he was trying to help me explore all options. At that point, I realized that a younger woman was possible.

I felt comfortable doing this because the Filipinas are comfortable doing it. It is a normal thing in the Philippines for various reasons. I will admit to wanting to make up for lost time when it came to intimacy. There is nothing wrong with that.

Maybe I mentioned this in another video but you should be certain you can satisfy this young woman.

If the primary goal is to marry a younger Filipina mainly for sexual satisfaction then you will need more motivation than that to be successful. At that point, I think that would be wrong, because I believe the husband is to regard his wife as better than himself, which is biblical, and seek to put her good above his own. There is no shame in simply desiring a younger wife and having the means to get one.

Her parents weren’t ashamed, no one I know has been ashamed of me, my church has embraced her, my mother adores my wife. My wife works where I do and I have heard nothing but good things said about her and that I sure found a good one. To this point, I have not heard anyone say anything about the age gap or heard that people were talking. We sit together along with her work group when we can.

I’d like to think this is because I went into this marriage with a younger Filipina with the right perspective, which was she needed my protection and provision and I was going to give it to her and I knew she could make up for all the years alone.

Having a younger wife is beneficial both physically and practically, especially later in life. She will have a lot of energy and perhaps a more fun-loving attitude. My wife works 12-hour days and is able to shop or cook after work.

She will likely be healthy throughout your marriage, but she should still have health insurance.

I think it is a good idea to talk about how you might need her help later in life. She already realizes that your energy and vitality will leave before hers.

You don’t want to act ashamed when you are chatting with a young Filipina. She will be at ease with you.

Don’t look for a large age gap to impress your friends or make people jealous. They will be jealous and some may ignore you. Look for it if you believe you can love and provide for this woman. Treat her like a queen, give her your best, regard her as more important than yourself. Cherish her.

Marriage is to be a mutually beneficial relationship. This can include a large age gap and for many men it does. I didn’t feel any shame pursuing my Love Beyond The Sea.

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