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It's Critical To Be Ultra Honest With Your Filipina

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I know what it’s like to finally find an amazing Filipina wife, and often there will be times when you are tempted to not say something because you don’t want to make trouble. Sure, we need to use discretion but there are times we need to say something sooner than later, or there is the likelihood of dealing with a larger problem later.

You’ll spend ample time getting to know each other and getting married in the Philippines or immigrating her to your country and helping her settle in. Keep in mind the things that you believe you should talk about but you have to be careful, at least in my opinion, of coming on too strong too soon with problems. Being brutally honest is one thing, but when to do so is another. I just think you have to be wary of all the adjustments your Filipina is making and how they affect her life---leaving home with her family and friends, her normal surroundings, now in a new environment with a new person in her life. Some things aren’t as important as others such as how the dishwasher should be loaded or maybe the kind of food that is bought or how to decorate the house, but something that could create a big rift needs to be gotten out in the open. For example, If you don’t feel enough time is being spent together you need to bring this up and explain how you feel about it, how it is affecting you.

If you notice a hesitance to communicate, a great disparity in a philosophy in spending money, or how your future plans aren’t going the same direction, whatever it is, please talk about it before you explode and say things that cause damage. It may be about intimacy, it may be about some kind of aspect of having an age gap marriage, or maybe you feel you are a distant second-best to her family, but say what needs to be said, just be sure to preface it with you love her very much and you want her to understand that the thing you need to talk to her about can’t be ignored and you believe you owe it to her to be honest about it.

It may be that you are unhappy with the amount of money being sent home to the Philippines, then you must take the time to honestly talk to her about it. Be even-keeled but be frank about how you feel. Comments are always welcome. Honesty is the best policy and I’d like to think your Filipina would appreciate that.

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