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My Testosterone Diet is Nuts

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Yesterday I made a video about 25 foods that can help increase your testosterone and today I want to fill in the gap and talk about nuts and the role they can play in your hormonal health. People can say I’m nuts for focusing on hormones with food, but I consider food as medicine. I have taken supplements for about 40 years but am making the effort to focus on food. But which foods? I am going to focus on foods that increase or may increase testosterone production in men and want to talk about nuts today.

Please subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea, like and share videos, don’t forget to get notifications for upcoming videos, and check out podcasts on Younger men or older men, I am making yesterdays video on foods that increase testosterone and today’s video to try to encourage you to see eating food as a way of self-improvement. I am greatly trying to change my eating habits, which quite frankly, should change as I get older.

Nutrition is the key to properly increasing your levels of testosterone.

One food group that quickly becomes a concern for most testosterone-focused men is nuts. Brazil nuts, Macadamia nuts, and pistachio nuts are good to eat.

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