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Part1 The Biggest Difficulty Facing Fil-West Couples Is?

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I was one of many men who had become interested in the possibility of dating and marrying a woman from the Philippines. I have to be honest with you that I knew very little about the whole area of dating a woman from a different culture, with an age gap because I didn’t watch YouTube videos back in early 2015. If I had been asked that question, I wouldn’t have had an answer and I didn’t know anyone to ask, but after being married for about seven years, I do have a good perspective.

Please subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea for topics to help a foreigner know what he would be getting into by pursuing a Filipina. I wholeheartedly endorse looking for one to marry considering they actually want to get married! Go ahead and leave a comment and get notifications for upcoming videos. I have talked about various difficulties in other videos, today I want to talk about what I believe is the biggest difficulty a foreigner will have dating and marrying a Filipina. Before I do, I will eliminate some things that earned honorable mention.

Distance?-My wife’s family is 9800 flight miles from here. Naturally that makes being together side by side impossible most of the time. It was easier for me because we got married on the first trip I made to the Philippines. Distance is an obvious difficulty but made much easier with webcam capability on Skype, Viber, Facebook and others. While you want to be together in person to better evaluate if she is someone you should propose to, I think you can still accomplish a lot online, by the questions you ask.

Getting to know each other?-Like they say, if you want to know something, just ask. I will link the Playlist I have for some videos dealing with how to communicate with a Filipina, in the description box. I think the distance actually can help with getting to know each other because you won’t have time to spend together not really doing much. If you were living across the street from each other, there would not be the same sense of urgency to find out things about each other, and a lot of time would likely be spent trying to either not make mistakes or to not reveal too much and potentially ruin a good thing. It’s easier to play it safe when availability is taken for granted.

With so many miles separating you from what you are hoping could be the love of your life, I think there should be a greater sense of urgency. I would just assume that the Filipina you are chatting with wants to get married, no doubt about it. That should save a lot of time right there. I didn’t get the impression that women I was interested in getting to know from the US even seriously wanted to get married. I only wanted to spend time with someone that did. A Filipina is also more likely to be ready and willing to marry much sooner that someone else.

Knowing there is a long, possibly up to a year, immigration process to work through ahead, I wanted to get married sooner than later so we could be together sooner. All of this just sharpened the focus of my questions, which made it easier to get to know her and her to know me. Okay, if it isn’t that then could it be the age gap?

Age gap?-It would be if you were marrying someone in your country, which is almost scandalous, but with a Filipina, it’s not a big deal. The foreigner still has to know how to treat her respectfully and take care of her, but I have not found the age difference to be an issue. My wife is my best friend too. We are a couple investing ourselves into each other, we are a family unit.

The age gap per se, has not been difficult to deal with. it presents generational gap differences, life experience differences, sexual health differences, perhaps maturity differences, but that can be managed effectively by being dedicated to being the best husband you can be all around. I know it sounds too good to be true, but from the Filipina’s perspective, it won’t intimidate her or bother her.

Social disapproval?-This area could be a deal breaker for some if it is too annoying to be concerned with what other people say behind their back, if they question their motives or have bets on how long it will last. My wife has been here since January of 2016, yet I am not aware of any disapproval. Could there be some? Sure, there could be, but by this time, any ignorance would be from those who don’t know my wife and I.

You don’t want to avoid being out in public, and you shouldn’t keep your relationship hush-hush. By marrying her for the right reasons, you won’t need to feel uncomfortable with public perception. Flaunting your relationship would make it seem the relationship is shallow. I will link a Playlist for a younger wife in the description box, that helps with the perspective to have in such a relationship. I will have more in part 2 of The Biggest

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