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Podcast Episode 139:Am I Qualified to Give Marriage Advice?

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Since I started my YouTube channel Love Beyond The Sea on Valentine’s Day in 2018, now and then I have gotten the comment generally saying that since I have not been married for very long, that I have absolutely no business whatsoever dispensing any marriage advice to anyone! How dare I! They say I have little experience with women and marriage.

Instead of retorting with “hey buddy, why don’t you mind your own business, who cares what you think?”, I think it is a reasonable comment which is why I want to address it here today. That kind of comment doesn’t bother me, it’s just that if someone actually believes that I should remain silent on women and marriage, that would bother me and I will explain why.

Subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea. Over here, I try to share whatever I can from my own marriage that I believe can help men get and stay married. I don’t think many people at all, men or women, can handle being single. It’s just too tough of a lifestyle. It certainly wasn’t for me so I kept grinding looking for a wife, and finally found one in 2015 when I was the ripe old age of 53. I will link a YouTube playlist called Singleness that has 38 videos in it so you can learn about how I viewed being single for a protracted time. Can a long period of unwanted singleness help someone become a good husband?

Life experience-I wasn’t born yesterday. While I may have been “in the wilderness” for 30 years during the prime of my life-get ready for this-from 24 to 53, that doesn’t mean I didn’t soak up some knowledge that would help me be married. Oh, yes, I was still single from birth to 24 but I wasn’t looking for a wife during that time, but I had an epiphany at 24 that I better get looking for a wife. 30 years, later, God gave me one. Do you want to wait that long? They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but this kind of wait can ruin your life.

Since I didn’t expect to be alone that long, I started learning from every marriage resource I could get my hands on, such as books, tapes, and videos, marriage sermons, conversations. I wasn’t twiddling my thumbs while my youth was slowly vanishing. I was learning and I share that with my subscribers. Where is it written that someone has to have such and such amount of experience with women and marriage before they can give advice? I’ve been happily married for 6 years; do I have to be married for 20 years before I can talk about what works? Why do I think what I say has merit? Listen to the podcast for my full list of reasons. Playlist Singleness

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