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How to get my book Meant to be-A Match Made in Heaven

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It was late winter in 2015. I was numb with confusion about the course my life had taken; wanting to be married yet still alone after 30 years of arduous effort to find a wife. Why should I even continue the search? I had prayed and waited and looked for so long. Some told me they didn't understand why it was so important to me that I get married. That did not describe my pastor at the time. Without his relentless support I would have given up the search or worse, given up on life.

Marriage mattered to me. Pastor Scott sat with me in my apartment living room like Job’s friends sat with him. He could offer no additional words of encouragement. In tears I moaned that the way I was living was no way to live, and he agreed. I was at the end of my rope. I had tried everything I could think of to get married to no avail. I was 53 years old and the thought of enduring the rest of it alone was suffocating. I figured I had tried everything with no results.

Maybe there was something wrong with me that I didn’t notice, perhaps I was just meant to be alone, meant to stammer through explaining why I was still single, meant to live with wondering what misconceptions people had of me, meant to sit by myself at church and go places alone and see others enjoying what I knew I needed. Was I to blame creating my own distress by my high regard for marriage? Should I have never let it get this far? A wife seemed like a fantasy by this time.

Pastor Scott said he had one more idea he could suggest, and after I recovered and felt better, he would tell me what it was. I was grateful, but skeptical. Hadn’t I tried everything already? I was dazed and confused, and worst of all was the idea I might be being chastened for long past iniquities. Nothing made sense. He was persistent in reminding me that my need for a wife was legit and good. A week later I emailed him to inquire about his new suggestion.

What happened after this conversation is so surreal, so unexpected, that I wrote this book about it. It had to be meant to be. I was about to experience a match made in heaven and I want to encourage others sinking in the same boat, to find love beyond the sea!

I want this book to be a resource manual for men to find and thrive with the wife they know they need. I understand how different elements in today’s society can stifle a man’s confidence in women and even the institution of marriage, but that must be overcome if you want to avoid being alone. Since it took me so long, I am able to empathize with feeling like there are no options.

Whether this woman is overseas or domestic, you will learn how to find and experience marital love and how to be the type of husband your wife wants. This book is about pain, obstacles, doubt, faith,determination, perseverance and victory. I’ll walk you through steps to take when looking for a relationship with a woman from the Philippines. You can refer to this resource throughout your journey.


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