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Podcast Episode 161: Don‘t Take Your Filipina Wife for Granted

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I like to write articles and make videos to help a foreign man look for a Filipina to marry.  I have heard too many stories of men giving up on marriage in the west and a lot from men who found a decent spouse in southeast Asia, myself marrying a Filipina in 2015.  The Philippines can be a place to find a sweet and caring woman to be with for the rest of your life.  Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea to see if a Filipina might be someone for you to pursue or if you already have one.

Today’s topic is simply to not take your Filipina for granted. Go ahead and leave a comment if you have a method for this.  Don’t forget to get notifications for upcoming videos. I have videos on Youtube and other places called Love Beyond The Sea and my advice applies to any woman. In other words, don’t take your wife for granted.

I waited 30 years to meet my wife, looking for someone in America yielded no fruit. I married my wife in not even eight weeks. What a relief that was and what a blessing she has been to me, but I can see where a good Filipina can be taken for granted and that shouldn’t be.

It is possible to bask in how good a wife she is (not perfect of course) that she could be taken for granted, as the initial euphoria of meeting her and marrying her wears off.  Those moments are super special, but only happen that initial time. So, what can be done to not take her for granted? I will start with the most painful one for me. Listen to the podcast for ways to avoid taking your Filipina wife for granted.

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