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Is Companionship Your Greatest Need?

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Have you ever said your greatest need is sex? I have thought that about myself. I mean, that is why any man marries any woman, with few exceptions, in my opinion. I think that’s the way it is supposed to be. Sex is an incredible blessing to a married couple, but I think the need for that will be replaced later in life by something else; and that something else is also very important all the time. Please subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea for help for men thinking about or already in a relationship with a Filipina. Comment if you’d like and get notifications for upcoming videos. If companionship isn’t presently an older foreigner’s greatest need, it will be one day.

I doubt anyone wants to hear this, but our sexual vitality slowly drops from about age 30. Testosterone decreases from then on, and many people today have experienced a greater decline than usual due to apparently environmental issues and other factors. Men’s testosterone levels today are lower than men their own age used to be.

I will link an article in the description box that goes into more detail about this. I am not going to challenge it because I have no reason to believe it isn’t true. Our desire for sex and the ability to enjoy it is going to naturally decline, it just seems to be declining at an abnormal rate, and along with it, our overall health and wellbeing.

I think that when a man is younger like a teenager, the desire for sex is great. It doesn’t mean he knows how to be a good lover, but the need for release is very insistent. By the time many decades pass, things aren’t the same, and we all wish that wasn’t the case. It sucks. The decline varies of course within individuals. I don’t want to talk more about that because you can research this phenomenon of decreasing testosterone on your own. What I want to talk about is how this affects the older foreigner, whether blessed to be married to a Filipina or not.

I believe companionship is always going to be valued because it is always going to be needed. I am talking about more than just having someone around you, but having someone you are close to, that has your best interest in mind as you have theirs. That is something that should always exist in a marriage. I think it will mean even more to a man after all the excitement of sex sadly diminishes.

There are many reasons why marriage is the best thing for most of us, and this is one of them. If you live long enough, the thrill will be gone, then what? Hopefully you have had the company of a loving wife who loves you enough to continue to be the good companion she’s always been.

I know that older foreign men interested in a younger Filipina want the sex to be enjoyed as long as possible and be as good as possible, as I do myself, but things will be different as the years go by, and it is a depressing thought to me. The reason this has relevance to my channel Love Beyond The Sea, is that the foreigner who has found a good Filipina to marry will have something special, and that is a companion after all the excitement wears off. I know for a fact that foreign men interested in a Filipina want companionship throughout their life all the way to the end of it. No one wants to be old and alone. I think loneliness is a big problem around the world today.

That is a real blessing to the man who married a Filipina who will respect him for taking care of her. She will take care of him. We are going to need that someday. Men typically do not live as long as women. They are more likely to need some kind of caregiving later in life and the ones that have a woman, especially a younger one who is able to help him, are the ones who will best pass through that stage of their life. Filipinas can be good caretakers and they respect their elders. Having said that, if she is going to be a caretaker at the end of his life, he needs to take great care of her.

These are sobering thoughts, but it is just reality. Companionship has always been important to people; sex has always been important to people. One of those things is going to slowly depart from us and is a regretful albeit natural part of the aging process. The need for companionship will never diminish unless there is something wrong with you. I hope you are able to admit that to yourself. I can’t imagine much worse that growing old and being alone. Incredibly, I have seen comments from men saying they don’t care if they are alone or not. Talk about burying your head in the sand. On the other hand, considering we can’t avoid growing old, I can’t imagine anything better than having a loving wife throughout the end of our lifetime. Can you?

You know the lyric “You better let somebody love you, before it’s too late.” I always liked that song by the Eagles. I have seen them in concert and they were spectacular, and it wasn’t that long ago. Doesn’t everybody love that song? I think it closed the show, for a reason. It came out in 1973 and was written by Don Henley and Glenn Fry and was the first song they wrote together. It was on the Desperado album. I was only 12 at the time. Well, there is a lot of truth to that song, which is what makes it timeless, and why I am doing a video related to it.

The men who are taking advantage of younger Filipinas are not setting themselves up for the reward of having someone supporting them later in life, I just don’t see it happening. They will not have invested themselves in the woman earlier in their relationship, and I am sure the women know they are being used, they are doing the same thing. I have met older men who want a wife who are widows and recognize the blessing of companionship, or maybe I should call it togetherness or unity.

They have told me they need companionship. They want to know they have someone with them until the day they die, that they have good memories with, that will not leave them when they reach the point that they need to be taken care of. They also simply do not want to be alone. We were created for relationships, the people that recognize that are the happiest people.

Priorities change. After you have spent your youth earning a living, maybe having children, benefited from your strength and energy and zest for life, things will be different. It will be too late to do certain things anymore but the need for companionship will be high, I think even higher as we get older.

The men who have invested themselves into a relationship with a quality Filipina, and married them, are laying for themselves a foundation for security for the rest of their lives. They give, they receive. They gain the trust and respect of the Filipina who will be there for him when he needs her the most, because he was there for her when she needed him the most. His loyalty to her will result in loyalty to each other. He took the first step, he pursued her for marriage, she accepted, he is good to her, she will be good to him, until the end. Why wouldn’t she be?

I have said before I believe women are responders. A woman, if she is a decent one, will respond positively to a man who takes the risk to initiate a relationship with her, to be good to her, to take care of her, to be loyal to her, to single her out among all the women in the world to love, protect and provide.

The man who does this was looking for a quality woman, he was thinking long-term, he understood his present needs and he anticipated his future needs, and he wanted a woman who would be there for him. He had heard about the loyalty of a Filipina and took the risk to initiate a relationship with her from a very long distance away. He used his brain, not his genitals to make this long-range decision. These men will be happy until the day they die.

I think companionship is an older foreigner’s greatest need. I think it’s a wonderful thing to have, to have confidence in and makes the last chapter in his life a good one. Find a Filipina who will be with you to the end. Just find someone, when my life is coming to a close, I will have my best friend and loyal with me.

I don’t have to worry about that with my love beyond the sea!

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