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Podcast Episode 167: Is Companionship Your Greatest Need?

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Have you ever said your greatest need is sex?  I have thought that about myself. I mean, that is why any man marries any woman, with few exceptions, in my opinion. I think that’s the way it is supposed to be. Sex is an incredible blessing to a married couple, but I think the need for that will be replaced later in life by something else; and that something else is also very important all the time.  Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea for help for men thinking about or already in a relationship with a Filipina. If companionship isn’t presently an older foreigner’s greatest need, it will be one day. I have many videos on YouTube on Love Beyond The Sea.

I doubt anyone wants to hear this, but our sexual vitality slowly drops from about age 30.  Testosterone decreases from then on, and many people today have experienced a greater decline than usual due to apparently environmental issues and other factors. Men’s testosterone levels today are lower than men their own age used to be.

I will link an article in the description box that goes into more detail about this. I am not going to challenge it because I have no reason to believe it isn’t true. Our desire for sex and the ability to enjoy it is going to naturally decline, it just seems to be declining at an abnormal rate, and along with it, our overall health and wellbeing.

I think that when a man is younger like a teenager, the desire for sex is great.  It doesn’t mean he knows how to be a good lover, but the need for release is very insistent. By the time many decades pass, things aren’t the same, and we all wish that wasn’t the case. It sucks. The decline varies of course within individuals. I don’t want to talk more about that because you can research this phenomenon of decreasing testosterone on your own. What I want to talk about is how this affects the older foreigner, whether blessed to be married to a Filipina or not.

I believe companionship is always going to be valued because it is always going to be needed. I am talking about more than just having someone around you, but having someone you are close to, that has your best interest in mind as you have theirs. That is something that should always exist in a marriage. I think it will mean even more to a man after all the excitement of sex sadly diminishes.

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