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Podcast Episode 58: Escaping to the Philippines or Starting Over?

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I think it is best to be running towards something rather than running away from something, and I do agree that many westerners are leaving some unfinished business behind, especially with relationships. It would of course be best to fix or resolve any relationship issues before going to another country and jumping into a relationship right away.

While on the one hand, it is relatively simple to get into a relationship with a woman from the Philippines, that does not mean that problems that were present in the past will not happen with a Filipina. If we happen to be a big part of the problem, going a million miles a way isn’t going to solve anything. I know the person who made this comment was singling out particular expats, but the comments could relate to many men who try for a new start in the Philippines.

I think the comment had some salient observations that could apply in other countries too. My take home from this podcast is to express that while I endorse looking at another country as a place to find a wife, I also want you to have your act together before you do. No, you don’t have to be perfect of course, but you should be sure to do a reality check on your personal situation. A Filipina wants to get married. I think they should give themselves away to men who are serious about getting married.

I know it is possible to have rose-colored glasses about the Philippines, especially when it comes to relationships. Charles mentioned some of the common nuisances that will need to be adjusted to, but he also can see that many guys escape to the Philippines, but what happens is we may just be bringing with us the same issues that may plague us there. Just something to think about.

George will read this Philippines Vlogging Community Post of the Day, which is the subject of today's podcast.


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