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Podcast Episode 59: LIVE-How to Praise Your Filipina Wife

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I will run through specific Bible verses and talk about how to make application to being married; actions to look for that are praiseworthy. It is easier to criticize than praise but in this podcast I will show you how to praise your wife. This is something you want to be good at.

Tell her how much you appreciate her. Tell her you’re glad you found her.

Tell her you won the lottery with her. Tell her she meets your needs. Tell her you need her. How many nights I went to bed miserable about being alone and since I married my wife I haven’t even thought about those days.

Recognize the things she does for you, big and small. It could be how she decorates, that she buys food and cooks food, how she is there to listen to you.

Tell her when her attitude is good, when she is strong, when she is caring. Comment on her work ethic. This builds her up.

Let her know you appreciate that she is frugal and resourceful. Tell her you appreciate her wisdom. She is going to have different perspectives than you will. Ask for her opinion.

Much more in the podcast.


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