Seek a Filipina as Treasure

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People take on a lot of risk when seeking treasure. I understand the reservations and concerns about pursuing someone so far away.

Seeking treasure can be dangerous with the competition, weather conditions, the foreign land, thieves, false gems and the fear it could be all for nothing. People could think you are crazy for pursuing a wife so far away.

I believe a wife is a need, God designed it that way. I explored the Philippines for this treasure. It seems to me that it is getting more difficult to find a good woman today, someone that would make a good wife. Some women want to be men, traditional roles in marriage are scoffed at and ridiculed. God is the author of marriage and put that need and desire in most of us. This treasure needs to be sought.

The Bible says whoever finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor of the Lord (Proverbs 18:22). The word find means to find by active seeking. If nearby there is no treasure, then you would need to look somewhere else.

The favor of the Lord is received in the wife herself but that came after seeking. You don’t want a fake treasure, you want genuine treasure, which you will have to determine from communicating with your prospects on Christian Filipina. Ask questions to determine, to discern (not judge) if she is a Christian.

There are potential traps in this treasure hunt, such as scammers but there are ways to avoid that such as if she is asking for money too soon, showing too much skin, doesn’t speak decent English, hangs out at the bars, has been with a lot of men for example. There is competition as many men across the world are considering a Filipina to marry, but the good thing is there are a lot of Filipinas who want to get married. They are a treasure that wants to get found but someone has to go seek her.

There are times when an expedition turns up nothing, so that is a risk when looking for something, however, with the abundance of Filipinas who want a serious relationship with a foreigner, that is unlikely if the foreigner really pursues a Filipina hard.

Maybe He is delaying the process in order to see just how much you want a good wife? To see what you will do in order to find her?

I found my treasure in the Philippines, my Love Beyond The Sea!

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