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Should Young Men Join? Interview with Christian Filipina Dating Site

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Christian Filipina has an excellent reputation in the Philippines vlogging community when it comes to being a dating site for a westerner to find a Filipina to marry. I have seen it mentioned many times. Even if I hadn’t found my wife there, I would have a favorable impression of it, but what about for younger men, is it a viable alternative to local dating? Subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea where my aim is to help men regardless of their age understand what marriage to a Filipina is like. Keep up with notifications by clicking the bell and I’d like to see your comments.

If a young man is a Christian and is beginning to think he’s not going to be able to find a wife domestically, I think he should at least consider a woman from another country. As a Christian man in his mid-twenties I assumed it would be simple to find a wife here, all I had to do was go out and look. I became a disillusioned 53-year old before embarking on overseas dating and was married in short order.

That’ not unusual at all for that age, but what about younger guys? From what I can tell they are still having trouble like I was. Should they consider Christian Filipina or any other dating site to find a Filipina? Christian Filipina doesn’t have access to all the Filipinas in the world who would give a young man an opportunity, so any place a guy can meet one works, assuming he is vigilant to spot scammers. I found my wife there in 2015 and did comes across profiles where a woman in the age range I selected said they preferred guys within several years of their age.

In all likelihood she hasn’t been contacted by a younger westerner, so even if she is saying she wants someone 40-65 that doesn’t mean she won’t talk to a younger guy. I think she would listen and if seems like a guy serious about a relationship such as marriage, then his single days might be nearing the end. Christian Filipina has a good reputation for customer support and getting rid of scammers, when they catch them. I wouldn’t be concerned about their level of commitment, as always, a man needs to be mindful of potential scammers himself.

My guess is he would receive a ton more interest than he does in the west from dating sites. He isn’t used to that, so it should be fun. These women are on a dating site to find a husband. Sound good? Frankly speaking a young man has some selling points too. A younger man has some things in his favor such as being the same age as a younger Filipina, they could have a long marriage, perhaps more similar interests and compatibility, better health, be more active and have more years to earn income. There is one more biggie-someone who can provide her a baby and family of her own may very well move to the front of the line!

I’d like to see it happen. I don’t think the current dynamics are going to be affected anytime soon should young men who are looking for a wife (not players) develop a relationship with a Filipina. She will likely be eager to relocate. Older men will still be in demand but I think there is much untapped potential in the Philippines for serious, marriage minded young men. I hope any who see this video will stick around my channel to learn more about a relationship with a Filipina.

Some of the questions I will ask Kristine from Christian Filipina are-

1. In light of the recent lawsuit filed by the FTC against Match Group Inc. better known as Match.com, Tinder and affiliated brands; many men feel jaded about online dating in general. With light of these recent actions by one of the largest dating site brands in the world this only makes the distrust between user and service provider greater. Does Christian Filipina employ fake profiles or other tactics like Match Group and how does Christian Filipina assure anyone interested in such service that operations are above board and the women/men on the dating site are real?

2.  Many men are accustomed through modern dating apps like Tinder of receiving little to no interest from the opposite sex. Many men complain about the inability to form serious relationships from such dating apps and often encounter anti-social behavior like flaking or ghosting from women using these apps. How is the Christian Filipina approach different than these apps in forming serious relationships and how does Christian Filipina foster relationships between couples?

3. Younger men often do not consider overseas dating or expanding their options beyond their hometown. This approach often limits the available pool of women to date. What would you say to young men watching this who are looking for a serious relationship but are still unsure of finding a foreign bride? How are Filipinas different than what they are accustomed to and what makes Filipinas stand out as a good candidate for a life partner/wife?

4. Filipinas are often known to have a preference for older men or are stereotyped rightly or wrongly to this. Filipinas often feel younger men aren't serious and are poor candidates for marriage. While this isn't true, what would you say to Filipinas watching and to younger men who think they don't have a chance? Can young men find love with a Filipina?

5. Scams and cybercrime are a half a billion-dollar industry ($525 million as of 2018).  Christian Filipina often touts the effectiveness of their anti-scam measures. Many men have asked me in the past about the second opinion consultation on the 2 highest levels. Do Christian Filipina staff contact or meet with the Filipina in question when utilizing this service at these levels?

Others have done it. Think it over. Perhaps you could be the next young man to find his Love Beyond The Sea.

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